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I am done with DUI's...frustrated...


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    Made an arrest a while back for DUI. Guy was weaving down the road, and almost hit two parked cars. After all of the insane paperwork, I get pulled in to court on a probable cause hearing. Judge decides that I had PC. Later, I am pulled into court on a ALS hearing to see if he gets to keep his license.

    The arrestee was decent so I sign the paperwork to let him keep his driver's license but he still has to answer for the DUI.

    Get a call today from the shift supervisor that the law firm called him to say that they need a copy of the form that I signed. I gave it to his lawyer for crying out loud. Supervisor tells them that I am off. They say that they need it now. He tells them that I will be in tommorrow morning.

    After all of the paperwork BS, and going to hearings twice, I now get to fax over a ALS form to the law firm that should have the form. After this, I can go to the trial if he does not take a plea. You just can't beat the BS that goes with a DUI.


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      DUI's are a lot of work and a pain in the neck. That being said, I would do one per day if I have the chance. There are few other arrests that can really prevent some innocent persons injury or death.

      I really don't care how much work it is for me. It is nothing compared to the pain in the neck the suspect goes through for the next few months.
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        Here in AZ for an extreme DUI a 30 day impound is done on your vehicle, your are certainly not worried about the drunk driving home in the car the same night.


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          Around here once probable cause is established to make a DUI arrest, they are dropped off at the DUI center for processing.

          Paperwork is done at a later date and is simple. Total time from traffic stop to dropping off is about 30 mins, you can bang DUI's all night long!



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            Originally posted by G-MAN View Post
            Around here once probable cause is established to make a DUI arrest, they are dropped off at the DUI center for processing.

            Paperwork is done at a later date and is simple. Total time from traffic stop to dropping off is about 30 mins, you can bang DUI's all night long!

            Holy crap cappers batman!

            That would NEVER fly here. Also, doing the paperwork days later would get it tossed quick. ANY minor infraction on our DUI paperwork will get it tossed not just by a judge but the prosecutor would drop it and it would never get to a judge. That is not just my jurisdiction that is across Louisiana.

            I even had one of our DUI gurus who use to work for state police (thats all they do) watching me to make sure I made no mistakes, and he missed my interview sheet also. This step that I missed though in reality was minor and played no part in proving the guy was drunk or not, as said, ANY mistakes will get it tossed in Louisiana. What I did was an interview we are to conduct before we put them on the intoxilyzer. You know about medical issues, medications, last time they took medications, last drink, how many drinks etc...... forgetting to do that interview was like forgetting to put them on the intoxilyzer it is looked at as that big of a deal. So you see this is how the DUI game is played here, no matter how much other evidence you have, you forget a step or paperwork and video, breathalyzer readings won't matter, the subject is told to have a nice day, and all his paperwork goes in file 13

            Our DUI paperwork here is zero tolerance for error and 100% unforgiving. I'v seen a DUI get tossed because there was 6 officers on scene but only 5 were listed on the paperwork as being there, it got canned even though the other officer never even spoke to the drunk subject, he was just there.

            All other crimes from drugs to murder will allow for minor snaggs in the paperwork and will have no bearing on prosecuting or not, DUI is the exception it has to be perfect or it all goes in file 13, and that is state wide.

            DUI game = 1
            Me = 0
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              It seems like all I do is arrest drunk drivers.

              I'd just started to calm down from a ridiculous experience I had last week. I've had several verbal disagreements with our bureau of motor vehicles hearings examiners lately. Not sure if other states do this, but it is a process that runs concurrent with charges in the judicial system and pertains to the immediate suspension of driving privileges.

              I was at the point where I had no interest in even going to these hearings because of some of the ridiculous stuff that has gone on that doesn't even pertain to the issues at hand. But I actually decided to simply be the most annoying and uncooperative witness possible by objecting to questions, refusing to participate in fishing expeditions, etc. The hearings examiner is supposed to be looking out for the people of the state, and in many cases it's a complete and utter joke -- especially given their scope and burden of proof: "whether by a preponderance of the evidence there was probable cause.." In other words, was there a 51% chance that there was a 20% chance that the defendant was driving drunk? But no, you'd think we were held to "beyond any reasonable doubt" with the performances that I have witnessed.

              AND there's a lot of truth to what valvestem wrote... the golfing buddies will look out for one another. I'm such a conspiracy theorist that I would not be a bit surprised if there was some funny business going on behind the scenes between defense attorneys and people in the bureau of motor vehicles.

              Maybe you should light a fire under a local activist group like MADD... I'm considering it.
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                Some places have it better than others. Some can hook the turd for some minor shyit like weaving or having a headlight out if they don't want to screw with a DWI.

                Some states have to offer breath or blood, and if the turd picks blood, it's off to the hospital, which can be more BS delays.

                Some states or places can't book at all for DUI, because many detention centers won't take drunk drivers, and instead the turd gets either released to a sober party or sent to a detox center. Kind of defeats the fear of going to jail, because it's impossible to go to jail over an average DUI.

                Some depts. are lucky enough to just handle the traffic stop, and drop turd off at a DUI processing center where civilian officers do the intox and/or SFST's on video and finish any other processing.

                I agree, for whatever effe'd up reason, DWI/DUI/OWI's have become the shyits for just about everyone. I used to be very aggressive with hunting drunk drivers, but I've backed way off in the past couple of years. If I get one, I'll get him and do it good, but I don't hunt them with a vengeance like I used to because of all the BS.


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                  I am second in my PD for DUI lock ups. Not a single one has ever seen jail time and truth be told most get probation, so the insurance never sees it either. The reason I do it, is bc while the driver may very well make it home, but what if he doesnt? What if he kills that 16 yr old that was on their way home from work. The family that picked up someone returning late from a business trip....You may never get a thank you, and you may never know IF you saved a life BUT if you lock him up for DUI and impound his car, at least he didn't kill anyone and you did your job.
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                    Originally posted by DeputySC View Post
                    So you arrested the guy and took him to the station, issued him a summons, let him go. Then stopped him on his way out the door and dropped the entire charge because you missed a piece or required paper work? I wouldnt have dropped it like that, especially after already transporting him away from the scene and telling he was being arrested. I would be afraid that would open a can of worms itself.
                    X2 This exact same scenario got an officer I know sued, the department sued, and the city sued for "violating" the drunks civil rights....aka False Arrest.

                    Getting the drunk off the street is the main goal which everyone I'm sure can agree on. Yes, it's a crap load of paperwork for most of us. Yes, the penalties are minimal, if any (it is "just" a misdemeanor most of the time). But, what message is the drunk getting when you let him call for a ride instead of slapping the cuffs on?

                    edit: Just for clarification, I am NOT saying that I have never let a drunk call for a ride or taxi ect... I just don't make it a habit.
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                      Call state police, they are hungry for something besides 20s and 100s. They always help us out with the DWI's, we just hand them off to state and off they go.
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                        Here in good old Iowa, third offense OWI (DUI) is a felony. There are some people that actually do get sent away for awhile for third or subsequent offense. The problem with these guys is that by the third offense, they are pretty good at playing the game. They will not provide a breath sample and most won't even do field sobriety tests. Oh well, as long as they get off the road and have to spend at least one night in jail and pay a ton in legal fees, I feel that I accomplished something.


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                          You seem to forget sir:

                          Every repeat offender started with #1
                          "I would suggest that when a person has a thought of doing anything serious against the law, that before they did, that they should go to a quiet place and think about it seriously."

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                            At our small agency in the New Orleans metro area, we are not allowed to cut DWI offenders loose with a summons. Although we do have the discretion to allow them to call someone to pick them up if they're borderline, that's our only option if we choose not to book them. The process generally takes anywhere from three to five hours if no problems arise. If they're involved in a crash within 24 hours of arrest, regardless of how minor the crash was, the New Orleans Central Lock-up requires that they be transported to the hospital for medical clearance. It is not rare to sit at University Hospital for 4-6 hours just waiting on medical clearance when no claims of injury were made in the first place. Depending on the recklessness of the driver at the time of the stop, it is not rare to see an officer take the easy way out and arrest him for 99 (Reckless Operation) instead of going with the DWI. All that's required for an arrest on Reckless Operation is the actual citation. The whole process is insane. The amount of paperwork involved and the BS procedures of having to go to the hospital because the arrestee was involved in a crash 12 hours earlier is why most officers don't wish to be bothered.

                            One thing is for sure though... I never let them drive off in an intoxicated state.


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                              Originally posted by creolecop View Post
                              So what the hell is the motivation of doing a DUI?
                              Originally posted by MidCareer View Post
                              DO NOT LET OWI's GO!!!!
                              This is great timing....yesterday as I'm leaving 7-11, this guy from outta nowhwere hollers "Hey...Officer Bob Loblaw!" I turn around and this guy wants to shake my hand. I have no idea who he is, but I'm trying to figure out. He introduces himself and I realize this is a guy I DUI'd twice in a couple of months about 4 years ago. He tells me, "Officer, I want to thank you for saving my life. With you locking me up, I was forced to look at my life and realize it wasn't going well. I'm proud to say I haven't had a drop to drink since the last swig of beer I swallowed right before you pulled me over and arrested me 4 years ago. Please keep doing your job because you really are saving lives out there." I get frustrated with the DUI papwerwork and the hoops they have us jump through just like everyone, but we're doing good things out there. Kee your head up, brother...it'll get better.


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                                I love doing D.U.I.'s. Once I am on the stop , I am pretty intensive on my SFST's and questioning. My total average stop time on D.U.I. investigation resulting in an arrest is about 15-20 min. I then either take them to the ER for blood draw or to the jail if they refuse, then about another 15 min. of paperwork. I don't go in depth on my report cause I let my video and audio evidence tell the tale. In TN conviction on first offense: 48 hrs mandatory
                                Second Offense ( within 10 years ): 45 days mandatory
                                Third Offense ( within 10 years ):120 days mandatory
                                Fourth Offense ( within 10 years ): 150 days mandatory

                                Fourth offense and higher becomes a felony. I try to wear them out as much as possible.

                                Add when they get booked into jail it is also a min. 4 hr hold before they can make bond.
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