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Dept. issued cell phones?


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  • Dept. issued cell phones?

    What dept do you work for? Do they issue you a cell or just pay the bill? Opinions on this issue please. We don't get a phone or our bills paid but we are pretty much expected to have one and as you know it is really a hassle not to. I'm not talking about your prepaid cell for the ghetto girlfriend either either I wonder if you can write a grant for these? I'm getting really fed up with paying my bill when 99% of the airtime is work related and 1% the wife. What do you all think.

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    No cell phones issued or paid for except for some specialized units......

    I flat out refused to give anyone my personal cell number while working the field....nor would I use it for department business, as I do not have caller ID blocking on it......

    If someone needs to get ahold of me, they can call the station.....if they want me to call back, they can wait till I get to the station to use the countys' phone and dime....
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      We can check out a city cell phone at the beginning of each shift. Obviously no personal use.


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        Every department in the entire county where I work issues cell phones to every officer they have. I don't know anyone who would use their personal phone for company buisiness, or go out and buy another one just for work.


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          Only Agents assigned to special units and Special Operations get cell phones. We have to sign a form each month swearing we had no personal calls that period or pay them for the calls.
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            Cell Phones

            In my Dept, patrol, detectives and all specialized units are issued phones. We get new ones every year, generally an upgrade. Some units are issued Nextel's and others pagers as well.

            Not sure what I would do if they didn't issue phones to us. I make at least 10-15 work related calls every day!
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              Work issued cell phone here along with landline house phone paid for. Necessary evil or benefit considering we work out of our homes and for many of us, we may or may not see the administrative office once a month or so.


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                My dept issues blackberrys, laptops, routers ect to all officer.


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                  Originally posted by G22Dude View Post
                  My dept issues blackberrys, laptops, routers ect to all officer.
                  My department issues A nextel to officers and reimburses for any calls made on the personal.


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                    We first had cell phones in our cars over 10 years ago that I remember. They were first given to us to take phone reports to stay in the field versus having to go to the office or substations to use the phone.

                    We then got Nextels around 9 years or so ago. My dept. has Nextels issued to what I would guestimate 50-75% of our staff. All Patrol, Investigations, special units, anyone on the street, all supervisors, and many others have a Nextel.

                    In addition to my Nextel, I have a Verizon phone assigned to me due to my working in marginal areas, and have access to a satellite phone if needed. However, that is not the norm dept. wide.

                    We have a big phone minute pool where everyone's minutes are pooled together. We use the phones all we want, and are allowed to use them for personal use, as long as it's not excessive. You know, calling the wife to tell her you will be home late, etc.

                    And having the Nextel direct connect feature is awesome. That is largely our major means of non radio communication. We have MDT's too, but use the Nextels instead of car to car messaging.


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                      My agency quit NEXTEL with thier JUNKY phones and CRAPPY (in my area)service. I had to go outside my house onto the deck to make a call!!! All the patrol units, detectives, brass and key personnel were issued t-mobile phones. Not allowed to send texts but can be paged by dispatch on them. No personal use. I've been with t-mobile for 10+ years, great company and coverage out here.

                      I forwarded mine to my personal blackberry and changed the paging number with dispatch so I don't have to carry two phones.

                      I'd still rather just get reimbersed though... the biggest problem is blocking my outgoing caller ID so often.
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                        Everyone on our department that is a supervisor of above has at least a cell phone issued to them, if not a Blackberry. Also, almost everyone who is in a specialized unit (all detectives, K-9, Tact Team, Bomb Squad, ERT, etc.) have phones issued to them as well. We use Sprint phones. The seem to work pretty well.
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                          Originally posted by 913 View Post
                          We first had cell phones in our cars over 10 years ago that I remember. They were first given to us to take phone reports to stay in the field versus having to go to the office or substations to use the phone.
                          OK, am I just getting old, or does anyone else remember having a roll of dimes and a map of local payphones ??
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                            Everyone sworn is issued a Verizon cell. Lieutenants and above get Blackberries. Deputies' and sergeants' phones have push-to-talk. They are for official use only, with personal calls being limited to stuff like letting home know you will be late. Pretty much everyone has a personal cell as well. Never, ever use your personal cell for police work - it could subject your records to subpoena, as well as a bunch of people who have no business with it having your personal number.
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                              Sheepdog, you know that if you use your personal cell phone for business related calls, you can write the bill off on your taxes? Keep that in mind.
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