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  • False Info to Officer...

    So back in October of last year I stopped a car for traveling 78/65 mph zone, pulled it over, driver named XXX did not have a drivers license on her.. So she read me her driver’s license number from which she said she recalled from memory. Whatever, I run her no warrants, current license and give her the ticket.

    This week.. April 27 I get a call from a XXXX saying she has a speeding violation on her record for 78/65 given to her on xx in October 2008, and that she was not driving that day. She stated that her 1st cozen was driving and gave me the wrong OLN number on purpose. So I go do a recorded interview with XXXX, she states that her insurance company informed her they were going to raise her rates because of the speeding infraction. Also turns out they both are first cozens, only difference in their OLN is 2 numbers different because they were born 2 years apart. Also XXXX has documentation she was in hospital giving birth, child’s birth date being same day I stopped car.
    I also spoke with another officer he stated she tried the same stunt on him in January when he stopped her for 106/65 and DUI+ DUS+Drugs, but he caught it that time. The one I interview XXXX has nothing on her record, the one I actually stopped has record mile long. So long story short the one I actually stopped is getting a warrant for Driving under Suspension, and False Info to a Police Officer.

    Anybody else have a similar experience like this?
    "What the problem is?"

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    Originally posted by Red Swan View Post

    Anybody else have a similar experience like this?
    Yeah, I've had lots of people lie to me about who they were. PM sent for a way to figure it out most of the time.
    I miss you, Dave.


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      I had two identical twins at the Univeristy of Texas do that. They would carry each others drivers license and then claim that their brother had been the violatior. We wound up having to get both on the stand to testify. The one that took the fifth, got filed on for the violation.
      Why is it that the further up the chain of command an officer goes, the less of a consept they have of what the job on the street is all about?


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        Also twins who were only identifiable by a tattoo listed on salient characteristics.
        This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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          Yup, get it all the time. Match the name on the license with the RO of the car. Have the driver give you not only the DL number, but DOB, address on the license, current address, and social security number....usually the SS# will throw them off a bit. Match the description on the license with what you see in front of you. And if all else fails, a right thumb print on the back of the cite will also help with the false info to a PO later on as well.
          Originally posted by Smurfette
          Lord have mercy. You're about as slick as the business side of duct tape.
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          You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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            I had it happen to me when I was still "wet behind the ears." I guy that had just gotten out of jail in a neighboring county gave me his uncle's info. Uncle came to court and said that it wasn't him but his nephew. I asked where nephew was. Uncle said in XXXX Jail. (Not the same jail that he had been released from the day of the traffic stop.) The traffic case gets continued. I drive to XXXX Jail. I identify nephew as the suspect. I then sign several warrants on nephew.

            Another happy ending!

            Over the years several more tried but did not succeed.
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              Didn't happen every day, but, yeah, I did run into it. That's the type stuff that can make Cops a little cynical. Sounds like you charged her appropriately though.


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                Can you say, "In-car video cameras are great!"? Can I get a 'Hallelujah"?
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                  CA has a section that specifically addresses the problem - California Vehicle Code Section:

                  False Information to Peace Officer

                  31. No person shall give, either orally or in writing, information to a peace officer while in the performance of his duties under the provisions of this code when such person knows that the information is false.

                  Added Ch. 1264, Stats. 1965. Effective September 17, 1965.
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                    Yeah I got taken before and an sure it will happen again. When I find out I just crack the book and start typing. Nothing like going to court with a handful of cites and a warrant to have the mutt say "but it was only a speeding ticket" Quick Prosecutor came back with "sure was.... until you lied to the officer"


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                      Ok, I have a question and a comment. My comment is it's not Cozens it's Cousins, that was driving me nuts, sorry

                      My question is why not charge her with identity theft also. Don't know how that law is written in your state, but here we could charge her with that also, also misuse of a drivers license in addition to what you already have.
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                        Originally posted by SgtCHP View Post
                        CA has a section that specifically addresses the problem - California Vehicle Code Section: 31
                        Or it can be charged as a felony violation (529.3 PC):
                        PC 529- Every person who falsely personates another in either his private or official capacity, and in such assumed character either:
                        1. Becomes bail or surety for any party in any proceeding
                        whatever, before any court or officer authorized to take such bail or surety;
                        2. Verifies, publishes, acknowledges, or proves, in the name of another person, any written instrument, with intent that the same may be recorded, delivered, or used as true; or,
                        3. Does any other act whereby, if done by the person falsely personated, he might, in any event, become liable to any suit or prosecution, or to pay any sum of money, or to incur any charge, forfeiture, or penalty, or whereby any benefit might accrue to the party personating, or to any other person;
                        Is punishable by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by imprisonment in the state prison, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

                        To avoid these problems, I would go to great lengths to verify information provided by drivers claiming to have forgotten or misplaced their licenses. Most of the time (when they didn't have ID in their possession), I'd physically take them into custody and a "search incidental to arrest" would lead to recovery of ID. An AFIDS search (after booking) would often reveal their true ID, along with wants and warrants.
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                          criminal impersonation in NY to give someone elses info..... (felony)

                          false personation to give a made up name (misdemeanor)

                          we have a large population of illegal immigrants here none of whom have any id to speak of.... we send their prints to the FBI, and they come back to us in 30min w/ arrest records, immigration records etc along with their "actual" name.
                          we now have at least the false personation misd for each piece of paperwork the name appears on, and usually a forgery (felony) for the signature on the print card.

                          either way, it becomes a bureau case.....done and done


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                            Why can't you charge her with identity theft as well?

                            It happens which is why either they find a way to identify themselves (some other form in the car) or they have to take a ride.

                            I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                              Originally posted by Smurfette_76 View Post
                              Why can't you charge her with identity theft as well?

                              It happens which is why either they find a way to identify themselves (some other form in the car) or they have to take a ride.
                              our identify theft law here really does not cover the offense the law here is more fraud related, we got False Info to a Peace Officer which would cover this.. Maximum Penitently is $2000 fine and or 1 year in state pen.. Normally they get $400 fine and like 6 months pen all 6 suspended for 2 years.

                              Talked it over with prosecutor she says Driving under Revocation, Providing False Info to Police Officer and of course the speeding ticket is all we can give her.
                              Originally posted by creolecop View Post
                              Ok, I have a question and a comment. My comment is it's not Cozens it's Cousins, that was driving me nuts, sorry
                              Whats up Cozen!
                              "What the problem is?"


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