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Conducting a Background Investigation


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  • Conducting a Background Investigation

    I've been assigned to investigate applicants... any tips?


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    Be certain to turn every stone. You would be surprised at how deceitful some folks can be. You almost have to learn not to trust anyone or what they put down. Most people will be upfront and honest, but some seem to want to try and skirt the system.

    Check utilities, banks, employers, credit cards, neighbors, fellow workers, former employers, etc. Learn to ask probing questions without being obvious. Employers are reticent to give out too much information, but, if you ask the question in the form of a statement, they are more iniclined to divulge the truth.

    An example would be: "So, Mr. Soandso says he had a few problems while in your employ, but nothing that would cause him to lose his job. Do you recall any of those?" Or, "Ms Pretty said you suspended her for being late. Was that a common issue?"

    All-in-all, it is a great job. Remember, youthful mistakes are common and can be forgiven. However, if there is a continuing pattern of bad behavior there may be some reason to query further.

    Have fun!!
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      Run their names and e-maila dress' in al tjhe myspace type places. Once you find a reason to DQ stop and just DQ them, dont waiste beating a dead horse.

      Mostly dont get attached. All we can measure is intregrity and judgement skills. It takes more to be a good cop. My first BI was a great kid, wanted to be a cop since he was 5, never got intio a lick of trouble, all the neighbors told me how he used to help all the old folks in the neighborhood even when he was a little kid, the academy tac staf loved him. He failed training because he couldn't learn under stress. I felt bad for him.
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        Send me a PM. I have a PowerPoint (114 slides) that I can share with you.
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          Check out http://www.post.ca.gov/selection/bim/bi.pdf

          It's a long read and the guidelines are for California, but the standards are pretty much universal for most states.
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            what the others have posted and;

            if your state / area offers a background investigators course, take it.

            talk to your admin for guidance on what they want / don't want in an applicant OR talk to the prior BI's for info...
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              ask their references to give u 2 or 3 names of other people he/she knows that arent on the list he/she submitted
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                Put in a training request for background investigations classes. You may be making recomendations as to who is working on your agency. Make sure you have the proper training, or at least ask for it.

                I would agree with lots of info posted here. I would complete verifications first based upon the state minimum standards. Such as GED or HS grad....make sure you check these out! For example an applicant may place that he graduated high school. Verify it! One could say yes and you may find that he did not graduate high school, that he obtained a GED using another name. This wold raise red flags all over.......... Take your time and investigat thoroughly.


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                  If you want the real dirt, talk to the ex-wife/ex-girlfriends.
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                    Originally posted by Badgerland View Post
                    If you want the real dirt, talk to the ex-wife/ex-girlfriends.
                    But remember to take what they say with a grain of salt. A lot of exs will say anything to sabotage their former lover's career.
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                      If you are back grounding someone who is all ready a cop, and the people at the current department seem to be selling them to strong, there is a reason...


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                        Originally posted by Chiller View Post
                        ask their references to give u 2 or 3 names of other people he/she knows that arent on the list he/she submitted
                        One of the best ways to get a good picture of who this person is.
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