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    Another Deputy and I respond to a disturbance in which the woman was attacked by her common law spouse. He tried to cut her with a knife and strangle her. We search the home but he's gone and as we're leaving the scene, my partner has her in the back seat and is attempting to take her somewhere safe, we are driving down a street and the suspect passes us going the opposite direction. I didn't know this because the victim shouted it to my partner so I see him stop his unit and jump out with his weapon drawn and pointing it at the male. I do the same.

    He refuses to comply by going prone, but only goes down to his knees so we get on him and push him down. He begins to resist, when we get one hand out and behind his back he yanks it away and puts it under his body, reaching for something. We call for assistance, we just cannot control this guy (no we don't have tasers....yet), he starts to get up with both of us on his back ( I weigh 220) so we shove him back down, I grab him by the head and throw him down when he gets up again. Several blows are thrown, he locks up with us, reaches for my gun and I knock his hand off, I see him reaching for my partners weapon but he is reaching for the OC spray. We manage to get him down and I spray him in the face, point effect. He stands up and I strike him in the face, hard, he stumbles towards me and I hear a part of my shirt rip as he grabs on, more struggling, strikes.

    We are exhausted, total time of fight, about three minutes before anyone arrived. Suspect breaks away and runs thru a yard, one more long burst of OC in his face, does nothing and he throws himself over a fence and runs off into the night. K9 didn't locate him, perimeter didn't find him and we were gassed, and ****ed.

    I cannot help but second guess everything I did, I couldnt' believe this guy held us off like he did, never had that happen, keep thinking what ifs and we searched all night to find him...nothing! He's wanted by Customs on a violent felony deportation warrant. His wife told us, he's crazy and strong...yeah right I thought. Ive been bodybuilding for 22 years, how strong could he be? Geez, he weighed maybe 175...I hate losing....I feel like we lost...I've fought better, usually use knees, elbows, don't remember using any of those.... Oh and the ripping sound was my badge being torn from my shirt....even more ****ed off at that.....coulda shoulda woulda dida........crap!

    Anyone else know where I'm coming from? Oh yeah, my arms keep flaring up from pepper spray, it's a nice burn, really, it is.
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    The important thing is that you are here and able to tell us the story. Good job on surviving a potentially deadly encounter.

    YOu know who this guy is, so get a warrant and someone will pick him up. Make sure the warrant has a "Dangerous" officer safety note on it for any officers that may run across him in the future.
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      Not much you could do there besides going lethal, which would have been justified ( him going for your weapon ) - albeit very unsafe because of the close proximity to your partner. And plus, you'd be second guessed to death for shooting an unarmed subject. It doesn't sound like you lost either, you guys fought balls to the wall and the guy took off from you.
      This guy have a history of drug use? I fought a guy on PCP before and that sounds a lot like it.
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        His spouse says he's a dope dealer, we know he was drinking prior to the initial call, we believe he may have been on cocaine as well.....

        Warrants were typed up this morning...hopefully we can find this turd.
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          Glad you made it home. He will get his comeupins. I have found that shutting off someones air supply works pretty wood in getting folks to comply.


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            Originally posted by FJDave View Post
            The important thing is that you are here and able to tell us the story. Good job on surviving a potentially deadly encounter.

            YOu know who this guy is, so get a warrant and someone will pick him up. Make sure the warrant has a "Dangerous" officer safety note on it for any officers that may run across him in the future.
            I second this. You did not lose. You won. He's a piece of crap and what goes around comes around. I would get the warrant and let SWAT serve it. I would definately go along for the ride. Around here he would have about 20 officers in addition to SWAT showing up at his trailer to serve the warrant.
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              Been there with a guy that was 604 and 280 not fat. I was in the best shape and strongest I had ever been. Nothing worked on the guy until I punched him in the nose. I don't really think it hurt him as much as shocked him and we were able to get the cuffs on and the fight started again. He ended up breaking my partners hand by crushing it during a struggle after he was cuffed.

              I was just plain strong and I couldn't get this dude to budge. My partner was no slouch and he was getting thrown around like a rag doll. Wasn't fun but we made it out ok and so did you. Thats the important thing. You went home.
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                We aren't paid to lose and you didn't. Losing means you or yours don't go home at EOS. You will get him next time. Good to hear you and your partner are ok.


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                  #1 you and your partner survived! Quit your second guessing. You learned something valuable, when dealing with subjects like that some things just aren't effective. OC spray, PPCT, pain compliance, none of it! Forget about those who will tell you they would have used this or that. It wouldn't have worked. If he had gone on the offensive he is the type that needs a bullet between the eyes. Nothing else will stop him. Glad you survived, glad you didn't have to shoot him
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                    I can't help but notice that you were second guessing yourself. Thats probably one of the quickest and easiest things to do to recover from an event such as this. I'm not saying there's an easy fix to the situation you guys were faced with (if any) but at least you can go over your tactics and improve on them if need be.

                    Good job for keeping up the fight.
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                      Woulda shoulda coulda makes us better at what we do. On the flip side of the coin, no matter what the outcome had been you (we) still would have woulda, shoulda and coulda'd the incident.
                      I also agree that you could have used DF. Not only for going for your gun but it sounds like there was PC for the arrest on a violent felony charge. That a fleeing felon scenario. I am sure you could have articulated that every other means to affect the arrest had been exhausted. That being said, I agree with you that this decision would be heavily scrutinized. A year (or more) of bureaucracy against 3 minutes and probably hundreds of split second decisions
                      You did a good job sir. Go get the warrant and let your pen be mightier than the sword.
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                      Be careful friend,


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                        Second guessing your self isnt always bad if you are doing it to learn how to do it better next time. Look at what didnt work and what might have worked. Use this as a great learning experience. Training is good and you can learn from it but if you are anything like me, i learn best from real life.
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                          you weigh 220 and had another officer, he weighs 175! Its time to hit the gym again!


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                            LOL, brother, I hit it religiously, and believe you me, this dude was raising up with both of us on his back. I did get a brand new shiny badge out of the whole ordeal though.
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                              Yay new badge!!


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