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Anyone tried Ear Gadget Hawk with PTT?


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  • Anyone tried Ear Gadget Hawk with PTT?

    I normally use the clear acoustic tube with the molded earpiece running to the lapel mic, but I just saw this: http://galls.com/style.html?assort=g...AP596&cat=2891

    I am wondering if the PTT would stay put on your shirt. I am also concerned with it getting snagged in the seatbelt, or worse- keying up because of the seatbelt while I am doing something embarrassing- Singing in the car, talking all mushy to my wife on the phone, farting...etc

    I really do like the quick release feature of it..that way if you are in a scrap it can come loose which has several advantages as I see it- if you lose the earpiece, you are deaf to the radio- this way the whole shebang will come loose and sound will return to the walkie.

    Does anyone use this, or another PTT system?

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    best piece of gear I've ever bought, hands down. I used to use two different surefire Earpro earpieces, both of which constantly cam unplugged from my lapel mic. The Hawk has never once come unplugged, and the quick connect is really solid.

    I run the earpiece clipped to the left shoulder strap of my body armor, and the PTT clipped to my shirt at or above the top button. All the wiring is run underneath my shirt and out just above my gunbelt, through my duty belt keeps and plugged into the radio at my left hip. Very secure. I had my sweater modified with a button hole so I can run the wires under the sweather and out just above the radio.

    I find I can hit the PTT with either hand more naturally then reaching for a mic, and in a really bad SHTF situation I can activate it with my chin if I choose to. The PTT also is "whisper effective" so I can speak very low if I'm creaping and it sounds like I'm talking normally with no "10-9" factor.


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      Thanks joe, that's good to hear. No pun intended. I tried one of the jawbone earpieces before in an attempt to eliminate the shoulder mic, but the thing wouldn't keep solid contact with the back of my ear and I got nothing but, "10-9" and "you're coming in low" all night from dispatch.


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        I used the Surefire for two years and liked it, but I have had the Hawk for two weeks and like it way better. I like having the PTT button on the radio and the mic. I paid twice the amount for the Surefire and it's not as clear. The Hawk also comes with a one year warranty. Even if I have to buy one every year, it is worth it.


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          I am in the market for a good earpice, is this my best option? I usually do a lot of research b4 I buy anything so I'll start right here.

          Has anyone tried that wireless lapel mic? I can't recall who makes it but I was thinking it looked kind of interesting. I'm just not sure how good the wireless tech. is and I know from wearing lapel mics that when I'm in a foot chase the lapel mic comes right off my shirt (I clip it to the front of my shirt), the only thing keeping it from smashing to the ground is the cord as I run it under my lapel strap.


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