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What do you call your dispatch?


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  • What do you call your dispatch?

    I know there's a huge variation, I'm just curious to see what names different places have for their dispatch centers. Oh, and I'm referring to when you're raising them via the radio...

    The first county I worked in it was simply "dispatch."

    With the county I work in now, we use the name of our county.

    What about all you folks out there?

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    A number of names come to mind-stupid,lazy,incompetent,rude,bossy and many others. Really we went to a consolidated dispatch over one year ago. While we have some very good dispatchers the center is a joke. They attempt to make department policy. We can no longer get timely correct information. We get sent to calls in completely different cities and towns than our own-by mistake. A very bad and dangerous situation. Worse part? They think it's great!!

    As for the real question, before we called ours dispatch. When the new mess came on line we were given a directive that " dispatch will not be called and addressed as control". WTH ?? Dispatch will now be called control !! Yep-makes good sense to me.
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      I wish it was dispatch. It keeps is simple. Also we say it backwards. Instead of call sign-Barstow it's Barstow-call sign.


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        We use the name of our city, but if I'm talking about them off the radio it is "idiots", "lazy", "worthless"


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            Well where i'm from, each department either has their own communications center (kirkwood, overland, webster groves, st. louis city, etc) multiple dept's share, or they contractout to st. louis county. with st. louis county for example, SLCPD calls out using thier beat number (2301 for example. 2nd shift, 3rd pct, 1st beat) while a contract uni will unit will use their assigned call out( Boston-231 for example)

            In other words, they use just say "car 2301" or "Boston-23", not " Car 2301 to headquarters" does that make sense? it's 0143 and i'm tired


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              Here if you want to tell mom something... you just say your call sign over the air and she'll respond. If she's called you once and has to repeat herself, or if she's ending her transmission with you on that particular conversation, she'll end it with "Station-M."

              "Mom"... is of course the unofficial affectionate name we give her... mostly because it's usually a female voice on the other end of the airwave, and she's always taking care of your every need.


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                For the main dispatch its 'SCC' (Sheriffs Communication Center)....for us old timers it used to be SRC (Sheriffs Radio Center)

                We would use our call sign (91F, 31, 111A, 274 ect...depending on what station you are working) followed by SCC.....so 91F to SCC.....they would come back with 'go ahead 91F'.....

                its gets fun when its busy, and that particular RTO is juggling 3-4 stations all at once......
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                  Originally posted by LA DEP View Post
                  its gets fun when its busy, and that particular RTO is juggling 3-4 stations all at once......
                  Here at night, they go from one main RTO for each county contracted city during the day to about 3 - 5 cities per RTO at night. It gets to be hell standing in line on Inquiry some times, or waiting for ET to clear so you can put out your stop on a car full of shaved heads.


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                    Yay!!!! Double Double!!!


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                      The name of the city.

                      I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                        We use the county/city dispatch so it is "Call sign to dispatch" etc!!! Cannot complain about our dispatchers too much, although some of them do get very cranky and rude but for the most part not as bad as other agencies I have worked for!!!
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                          We just call them "Radio."


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                            State police is "control" then your number. They are the only ones allowed to be called that in the state.

                            Counties vary, some use county name, some use city name where courthouse is located.

                            Cities also vary, some use city name, some have a number, some don't have one and use the county.
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                              Fire Dept 1 - MECC Center (shudder)
                              Fire Dept 2 - County Fire
                              Police Dept - either dispatch or nothing, i.e. "unit #, dispatch" (me calling dispatch) or just "unit #"
                              Seriously, the only reason I wanted to be a cop was so I could post anywhere on this forum.


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