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GOD Bless those we lost in 2001


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  • GOD Bless those we lost in 2001

    Today, I had to remind a city government to lower their flag to half-mast. I saw a news report showing three young women who couldn't remember what year the 9/11 attacks occurred.

    June 6th, 1944 was the "Day of Days" for the Armed Forces. September 11th, 2001 was the "Day of Days" for emergency services.

    Please take a moment to remember those in our profession who stood tall that day. We will never forget.

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    That was a very long day....


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      Be professional
      Be polite
      Be ready to kill everyone you meet


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        I was a lowly sophomore in high school taking the ISTEP (Graduation qualification exam) and a teacher walked in crying saying that our America was under terrorist attack.

        We turned on the tv's in our class room and watched in horror as the events of the day unfolded.

        I remember leaving school that after noon and seeing gas prices at over 4.30 a gallon. Price Gouging Bass Terds...

        My father was enraged when I got home... My mother was crying and I wasn't quite mature enough to understand exactly what happened...

        My grandfather a WWII vet (god rest his soul) looked at me and said "Boy this is the day in your life that you'll never forget where you were, who you were with and what happened"

        I want to thank the men and women of the United States Armed Forces... The Law Enforcement Personnel and the EMT's, Firefighters and everyone else who risks their lives on a daily basis to make the world I live in a better place.

        God Bless America.


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          Originally posted by CityCopDC View Post
          That was a very long day....
          Yes Sir. I was working 3-11pm shift. I sat in front of the TV for an hour or so, then put on my uniform and went in. We didn't have enough cars for everyone, so I just sat in front of the TV at the station.
          And at 11, after all the paperwork was turned in, I just couldn't go home. I was so far away and I couldn't do anything to help those who needed help. So much needed doing, but I couldn't do anything. I felt scared and useless. Not a normal combination for a Type-A personality.
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            I was an operations manager at a airline at the time and i received a phone call that one of my aircraft had hit the trade center. Several calls followed and then i began to watch helplessly with the rest of the country. I was also a volunteer captain at the local fire departrment so i felt both brotherhood to the fire, police and the airlines. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY.

            Thank you for your post about that day.
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              I remember, ten years retired from the NYPD living in Port Saint Lucie, Fl. that Tuesday September 11th. 2001 I was in the time in my car driving to the Pubix market, I notice drivers hitting their stirring wheels, lights on, blowing their car horns, I entered the market and the store heard the P.A. blurring the news that the world trade center tower had gone down!
              My thought is at the time, WHY AM I HERE AND NOT IN NEW YORK CITY DOING MY FREAKING JOB!
              God Bless The United States of America 2008 and the souls lost, my prayers always to the families of the 3000 citizens lost that faithful day!
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              Take care and stay safe!
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