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  • 10 hr. patrol shifts

    Hello to all:
    This has probably been asked about 1 zillion times but,....... Any ideas on how to make 10 hr. uniform patrol shifts work w/ 17 officers. This includes 3 sgts. We have to have 24 hr. coverage and a minimum of 3 working at any given time. During the summer months we add 3 more on because they are SRO's and they go back to patrol for the summer months. Any ideas or leads would be appriciated. Thank you and stay safe.

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    Forgot we are looking at 4 days on w/ 3 off. Don't know if this changes anything.


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      Just an idea, but we have 10 hr shifts and one or two people come on at different times and on the Sgt.'s days off, their Cpl. is "supervisor". I come in and work 9am-7pm along with another guy but my monday is his wed. No one on patrol has the exact same hours/days off. Like I said, we all overlap to make it so 24 officers (Ptl, Cpl, Sgts included) work 10 on, 3 off for 4 weeks then 10 on, 4 off for 3 weeks. This way we get 3 weekends off in a row and they're 4 day weekends. We have to have a min. of 4 on so our system should work for you unless you don't have Cpl.s or "master patrolmen" to act as supervisors on your Sgt.'s days off.

      Other departments have patrolmen work a set 4 day of 10 hrs w/ 3 days off, the 3 off being always the same like you always get Mon-Wed. off...... You'll just have to tinker around w/ it and see what would work.


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        Are you married to 10 hour shifts? If so, do you have to have 3 officers on all the time, or three on the schedule. You have to account for vacation days, comp time, sick time, training, etc.

        Have you thought about 12 hour shifts? That removes the requirement of having three different start times, provides officers with a lot of regular days off, and generally works out pretty well for smaller departments.

        At my department we have three patrol officers, one traffic officer, and one sergeant assigned to each patrol shift. We work 0700-1900 or 1900-0700, 2 on (M, T); 2 off (W, Th); 3 on (F,S,Su); 2 off (M, T); 2 on (W, Th); 3 off (F, S, Su); then the cycle repeats.

        In order to provide more coverage at peak call times, one of the officers assigned to day shift works 1100-2300 instead of 0700-1900 and one of the officers assigned to night shift works 1500-0300 instead of 1900-0700. That ends up like this:

        0700-1100- 2 patrol officers, 1 traffic officer, 1 Sgt.
        1100-1500- 3 patrol officers, 1 traffic officer, 1 Sgt.
        1500-2300- 4 patrol officers, 1 traffic officer, 1 Sgt.
        2300-0300- 3 patrol officers, 1 traffic officer, 1 Sgt.
        0300-0700- 2 patrol officers, 1 traffic officer, 1 Sgt.

        It works out really well for us in terms of staffing, more officers during peak times, less officers when call volume is low. We are actually short right now too, so the above is what we are working with. Ideally, we would have four officers assigned to patrol on each shift rather than three. We make due with three on the schedule. Because we get so much time off we don't have folks taking a lot of vacation or sick days (maybe we just have good folks), but there is room in the schedule and minimum staffing for that. One of our patrol lieutenants will run the shift if a sergeant needs off. We really don't have a lot of problems with the schedule and just about everyone loves it.

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          I worked for a department with about the same number of officers, but they would only work five eight hour shifts. Numerous officers and sergeants came up with alternative shift schedules that worked, but the high brass quickly filed the suggestions because eights is easy. For my family I lateraled to a department with a four ten schedule and I now enjoy an extra 52 days a year with my wife and kids.


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            my dept works 10's and we have two rotations with three squads each.
            dayshift from 0600-1600, and afternoon shift from 1400-midnight and nightshifr from 2030-0630. we work 4 on and 3 off, and everybody works friday. basically one rotation works tues-fri for 2 months and the other rotation works fri-mon for two months. at the end of two months the rotation working tues-fri gets saturday off and the comes back in on sun and mon, and then they have tue-thurs off. we get paid weekly based on a 40 hour work week. seeing as you have 17 ppl it might be a little harder to work out but im sure it can be done


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              We do almost exactly what you’re saying! With 16 officers and 10 hour shifts, we had two officers per shift and had shifts as follows:


              Good coverage for our village and it worked ok. You should also note that our 8am-6pm shift was our investigators, so if that does not apply to you, you could change it up a bit. Everyone just works 4 days a week meaning each shift has one day a week with both officers on that shift working.
              During vacations we just adjusted the other officers to cover as needed. You don’t get a shift briefing, but a good message board or other way of passing on info works for us.
              This gives you a little problem because we always had two on from 5am to 9am, but another was hardly needed, at least here. If you could allow two during those times it would work. Also, we now have Sgt’s and they are just put into the 9am-7pm and 7pm-5am shifts.
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