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Gilly suit...woods...surveillance...crackhead!!!!!!


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  • Gilly suit...woods...surveillance...crackhead!!!!!!

    The other day we were going to hit a house and I was chosen to do surveillance and cover for the entry team. I was inserted in the woods about 90 minutes before the team was set to hit the door. After I got into position and was hidden as best I could be in my gilly suit I started to watch the house. (alot of trails in the woods)

    About 15 minutes later....I heard footsteps walking up behind me and then a subject walked to a stump about five feet away from me and sat down. I turned my head slow and was able to watch him. He started to smoke a rock right there in front of me and stayed for about 5 minutes. I don't think I breathed for the whole time. After that...I was ready for the team to hit the hosue and get outa those woods....lol.

    Anyone got some good surveillance stories???

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    Me and another guy were in the back of our jump out van waiting for a guy to show up with some coke to deliver to a UC who the dealer thought was somebody else. The guy parks next to us, on our door side. Before he gets out of the car, he holds up his bag of coke to check it. We about crapped that our target could be so dumb. We were like 3-4 feet from the guy. We decided that we would just take him into custody right there. We jumped out of the van right as the guy opened his door and he about had a heart attack. He about 10 tomes what our UC had ordered. We asked him if he saw us coming. He had no idea where we came from and we didn't say anything about the van, we had him shipped in a patrol car.


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      Once had a guy try to sell us crack while we were in our blacks and heavies. Stopped at a stop and rob to get some drinks. He wouldn't stop trying. We ended up pulling him into the van and having a uniform transport him so we could execute our warrant.
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        We was in the van going to the range for SRT training. We heard a 10-43 (footchase) come over the radio and since we was in the area we went to the location. Wile stopped at a stoplight the dude that was running from the patrol officers opened up the side door on the van and jumped in and was trying to carjack us. Needless to say he about crapped all over himself.
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          We were watching a dude's house for hours to see when he would leavt to go meet his supplier. At about three hours (2 Gallons of Mountain Dew) into the night I had to pee something fierce. There was a chainlink fence with a waist high hedge behind it around the yard across the street from where I was parked (About 1/2 block up the street) and I figured I could sneak over to the fence, pee through into the hedge, and still watch down the street for the guy to come out the door.

          I walked up to the hedge, tactically surveyed my surroundings, whipped it out and got about a teaspoon out of me when the dog hiding in the bush jumped up to the top of the fence and barked like a psycho. It got close enough on the initial lunge that I could feel warm breath.

          I stumbled back off the curb and almost fell over (Still Peeing) turned and ran back to the car (Still Peeing) ended up hiding behind the car (Finally done).

          I had not quite soaked myself, but I smelled like a nursing home mattress for the rest of the night.

          I don't care how tough you are, when you are peeing, you are a sissy.

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            We set up a bait car at a "stop and rob" and were sitting across the street watching from the cargo area of a large painters van. About 5 minutes in, while watching our bait car sit there ready to be stolen, some idiot pops the driver door lock on our van and hopped in. He was very surprised when he got a gun in his face.

            Another time with a bait car we were sitting again across the street but just in a plain car when two guys ducked down behind our car and started watching our bait car too! We got their conversation of "let's go take that truck" "no it's a set up" "no it isn't, cmon" on tape very funny.
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            maybe it’s me but I think a six pack and midget porn makes for good times?????


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