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  • Courtesy Officer?

    The town I live in has many slots at apartments around town and in government owned housing for Police Officers. Most times the rent is like half off or even free in some instances.

    I'm just curious how prevalent this is in most cities and if this practice goes on in other places? Officer gets slashed rent in turn for having the squad car parked in the parking lot all the time as well as an officer to respond to anything that happens to be bothering the manager.

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    We have it in our town, but I'd rather not have the responsibility. When I am off, I am off.
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      The City of Los Angeles had (maybe still has) a program where officers willing to live in high crime rate areas were sold homes at far below their market value, so long as they were willing to live in them for a set period of time. Personally, I wouldn't live in one of those homes if the City gave it to me! I suppose those officers didn't object to having their cars vandalized and put up with the occasional drive-by shooting for a good real estate deal, but to me and my family, it wouldn't be worth it.
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        I'm a courtesy officer in my city. It's lame. The rent is half as much but some of that money that you save gets taken away come tax time. Truth is, you're going to be expected to deal with the morons in your complex if you live in your city rather you're the courtesy officer or not. My complex is pretty easy so I don't worry about it.


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          Same here as Stud Chris... I also am a courtesy officer in central fla... my rent is cheaper... and I dont have to do anything other than lock up the pool..... its a cake walk.. .and for cheap rent.
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            Back when I was a teacher I was looking at getting an apartment at one of these nice gated ones with a "...junior olympic pool, nine hole golf course, and two tennis courts..." The "applicant facilitator" told me that LE guys got reduced rates thus incurring a "courtesy officer" title to respond to "issues" within the "community." Everything in quotations was quoted to me during the "orientation."


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              I did it twice. The first complex I lived at was a nightmare. Sometimes I got called like 2-3 times a day. The free rent was nice, but that was the only perk.

              1) They wanted me to hand out multiple and multiple pieces of paper through the entire complex all the time.

              2) They requested a copy of my schedual so they dont call me while im at work or sleeping during the day after night shift. Well, they got upset for me not returning a page while I was at work multiple times.

              and they ALWAYS called me during the day while I was asleep. A few times after calling and waking me up, they called back AGAIN about something else knowing I was trying to sleep. They did this a handfull of times. Once they actually asked me to get out of bed to come take a vandalism report for one of the residents in the office because the road units currently working were taking to long to get there. I get there and a rock flew up and hit his windshield while he was driving down the road.

              3) Then anytime a resident brought anything to their attention the office would page me about it. Mabey the tenants kid wont listen so they request me to go speak with the family, two roommates cant get along so I must go talk with them

              4) then I get what I was actually there for. The problem apartments such as illegal drug use complaints, frequent loud noise from certain apartments, and I got alot of calls during the summer about people acting up in the pool.

              Trust me, its a bad feeling when you work 12 hours all night and your in the middle of your sleep before you have to wake up and go back to work and the phone rings. you see its the apartment manager calling, probabily wanting you to walk over to the office to show you someone threw a bar of soap in the pool and wanting to file a police report...

              I thought about things and I would rather just pay a little money and get my rest. lol
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                We have had them for along time here. I had a great spot with low rent and minimal problems when I was single. I dont think I would get into it now with kids and all. But it could really help someone save for a house of their own. Have a good one.


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                  The agency from which I'm retired does not permit it's Officers to act as Courtesy Officers. I believe some local agencies do permit Officers to act as Courtesy Officers at apartment complexes. My personal feeling was, even had my agency permitted Officers to act as Courtesy Officers, I would have chosen not to. I simply didn't want to be bothered with lock-outs, domestics, other disturbances, etc, for reduced rent. OK, that's me. Quite a few Officers regularly do Courtesy Officer gigs, and don't mind doing so.


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                    we have tons of them...so many courtesy positions that there are vacant courtesy positions waiting for officers to take them
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