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Silent Brass Angers Cops


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  • Silent Brass Angers Cops

    Here's one of those nightmare scenes that we wish were multiple choice (like the public thinks it is) and never want to find ourselves in. This is from the Montreal Gazette.

    Young Dany, who with his buddies was beating and trying to strangle the one officer, has already been set merrily free, while the officers sit in limbo and their chief hides in the closet.

    Warning shots. Shoot'm in the leg. Lasso'm.

    The partner officer done good in my book and somebody should get some vocal cords.

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    I feel sorry for the rank and file of that department. Politics are everywhere, but a Chief needs to be able to stand next to his officers and support them. If they are later proven wrong, then you deal with it. But they need to know that you will stand by them. And, if you, as a chief, do not trust your officers decisions and are willing to stand by them, then its time to leave that department or burn it down and start again.


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      Sounds like the Chief and city fathers are on a "wimp-out" trip. Seems like political correctness taken to the highest level. If the Montreal Police Dept doesn't have a morale problem, it soon will have. Often times, these politicians, in and out of uniform, are more dangerous than the criminals.


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        Once again,

        Glad I work in Texas!!!!!!!!


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          Asked why the constable did not fire only a warning shot, the officer replied: "We're not allowed to do that."
          Why not just injure him with a bullet to the leg?
          "Try - with all the stress and the guy moving around - to aim and actually hit a leg," he replied.
          Sweet! I think in the very near future, all police agency's across the world except in 3rd world countries will be issued "magic" bullets. You know, the ones that can go around corners, stop in mid air and hell, even knick your shoulder to get you to stop being a baddy. Better yet, why even issue cops real guns at all? I mean if they want warning shots, just give us all cap guns and we can fire warning shots all day.


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