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  • Grant for MDT/CAD

    I work for a small state agency in PA, we're looking to get computers in the cars. Does anyone know of any federal grants or PA state grants for MDT's? I'm not even sure where to start looking for something like this.

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    Contact the Department of Homeland Security and request a copy of other grants. Or, contact agencies in your county or surrounding counties that are currently using MDTs/CAD systems. PA State Police should have the systems and may be able to assist you with a copy of theirs. Have your department head make a formal/informal request for the information.

    Here is one from Ohio:

    Here is some information from the Law Enforcement Institute of Technilogy Standards Council:


    Here is information from a company that provides the types of systems you are interested in:


    And, here is some info on Innovative Funding, etc.:

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      Don't know for certain if this would work, but you could look into the possibility of "piggy-backing" your MDT/CAD needs onto a Pennsylvania State Police grant. Checking into the Dept of Homeland Security grant option will probably be your best shot though.


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        Thank you for the information SgtCHP.

        PhilipCal I hadn't thought of that. I put a call in to PSP and see what they have to say.


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          Look into tough books

          Originally posted by jb5722
          try contact any university's nearby. most have 20-30 laptops in their library that they loan out to students for a few hours. they usually replace them every few years. in my area we have a program set up where after the schools are done w/ the laptops (they'll be 2 years old) they give them to the local pd's to be used as mdt's.
          That is a good idea but those laptops aren't intended to be used in that manner. As we all know cops are not easy on equipment. A regular laptop wouldn't last a day in a cruiser after being banged on or having coffee spilt on it. The tough book however is designed to take the abuse only a cop could dish out. They are also protected against the elements. They might run a few dollars more but I would rather spend a little extrat then having to repair broken laptops every 3 weeks. The tough book is made by sony....I'm sure other computer companys probably make a similar product. Good Luck.


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