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    I am a police officer in California trying to return home to AZ. Anyone know how quickly the process for ADC is for current law enforcement? Also do they give polygraphs? I didn't see any information regarding either.


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    Hey there WPD954

    I started the process for ADC while I was working out there for another agency ( DOT MVD ENFORCEMENT) they tend to fast track LEO you still might have to go to COTA for 9 wks of training but there is no poly and the process takes about a month in 1/2 maybe two depending on your background.

    Good luck.


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      As a former ADC corrections officer, if you have the means and ability to go elsewhere, do it.

      If you're currently certified in Cali, why not look for lateral positions, there are many agencies hiring out of state laterals.

      If you decide to go with ADC anyway, the background should be failry quick, no poly, but you'll have to go to COTA. They don't waive the corrections training program for cops, different stuff involved.

      Ten dash eight!


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        Thanks for the info guys. Is DPS or any sheriff's department taking out of state laterals? I really don't want to work for a city.


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          If you're already a POST certified officer, I would not go DOC in AZ. You'll lose your certification, and you will not be considered sworn LE while off duty. Its not like CA where their CO's are 24/7 LE.

          DPS is a great department to work for, as is MCSO, but I know MCSO isnt hiring right now (DPS is, though). PCSO I hear is good too (Pinal County), but I couldnt say if they are hiring.


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            Originally posted by FlyByWire View Post
            If you're already a POST certified officer, I would not go DOC in AZ. You'll lose your certification, and you will not be considered sworn LE while off duty. Its not like CA where their CO's are 24/7 LE..
            In ADC your not even considered sworn LE while on duty. Unless your a Sworn Investigator. Bro if you want to keep your sworn post, you need to do an AZ POST weiver and get on with an agency. DPS, MCSO, County Attorneys office, capital PD etc. Why dont you want to go with a city?


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              Having worked for both a city and a county, I just prefer the county. I would be open to a city that is aggressive and backed there officers, and has opportunity to get out of patrol without having to be a golden boy or kiss ***.

              any suggestions stalker cop?


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                Well MCSO is the good ol boy system and if you tick of the Sheriff, your out. Ok that is based soley on information recieved from guys I work with now that came from MCSO.

                However, I lateraled to my agency three years ago and am by no way a "golden boy" and I did pretty darn good on our detectives list. And it was all based on last two years of report writing, evaluations and oral board. Not one day of taking a test and oral board and having a good day. We have had so many oportunities lately and alot of movement coming up soon for alot of people. The good ol boy system has gone away for us. It is good to get your name out there and have a good rep but its not done my kissing ***.

                PM me if you want further details.


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                  Now that sounds like my kind of place


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                    WPD954 to warn you the hiring process out here is terrible for laterals. Most agencies would rather hire a 21 yr old kid with no experience. These agencies advertise laterals but in reality they are not looking for them. From what I am told from BG investigators out here its easier to hire a newbie. I would try Goodyear or Chandler PD. They are the two best in the valley. Goodyear is real lateral friendly and the potential for growth there is unlimited. If you are sworn now you dont want to end up being a CO for DOC. You could become a sworn investigator for them just to get your POST Waiver up and running and then lateral out.


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                      thanks fugitive hunter....same out here, they all would rather hire a 21 year old than a lateral with 18 yrs on, I guess because they can mold them??

                      I'll check those websites, I just want to get back home.


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                        18 yrs, I would hold out 2 more..with that 3% at 50 pension system, you guys have it made. Then come here and double dip


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