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Transferring facilities in the BOP (questions)


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  • Transferring facilities in the BOP (questions)

    Hey guys, long story short I'm wanting to transfer from one facility to another. Right now I'm at MCC Chicago and would like to go to FCI Terre Haute or USP Terre Haute.

    I grew up around TH and therefore would like to return to the area. I'm a GS-6 w/ about 5 months under my belt as a CO. Any help would be appreciated? Such as how do I go about requesting a transfer, how hard is it to actually get the transfer accepted, is TH even accepting any transfers? Basically those are the questions I have at this time.

    Right now USA JOBS is showing in TH vacancies for an education position (have to have an education background/be education certified to teach), a welding supervisory position (not qualified...I do not know anything about welding) and a gardening supervisor...(not sure if I really would have to be qualified).

    I currently have my law enforcement and justice admin degree and am three classes away from completing my Master's in law enforcement. Not sure if those would help any in the transfer but I doubt it.

    I'm willing to take pretty much any position they would have available to allow a transfer so I'm hoping that WOULD help.

    Thanks guys.

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    I would talk to your Captain or mayby Human Resources about transfering, but I believe you have to have your first year under your belt before a transfer unless it's a hardship transfer. Either way it probably wouldnt hurt to put in for the jobs you are interested in. For that you would need to talk to Human Resources.
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      Even with a hardship they will make you wait to clear your probationary year some joints want 16 months good luck.


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