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Questions for interview panel....need help.


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  • Questions for interview panel....need help.

    I am going for my panel interview tomorrow and I need to know what questions I should ask them after they grill me.... any questions for help me alot. It is for a county correction job in the lower hudson valley.
    Thank you in advance

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    Don't ask them about money. I'd just say thank you for your time. I know that you're busy, but I appreciate you giving me time. Then be on my way.


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      if you are going to say anything, be sure to reiterate what you can do for the job, not why this would be a great job for you.

      You really don't need to ask anything, they are interviewing you and anything they feel they need to know from you they will have asked already.


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        I disagree

        Showing added interest in the job might push a panelist in your favor if they are on the fence, or in your favor if its between you and another candidate.

        If you have any questions, ask the panel......................you might even find out that they don't know the answer and have to find out for you.
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          I've asked about health care, dept. size, etc... How many they are hiring, how many interviewed


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            I recently did an oral with a small department which serves mostly indigenous people, so I asked how the people feel about a police force that is largely white and if that ever causes a conflict.

            That seemed to go over really well...I think in that circumstance, that was probably a really good question, and it seemed one they weren't expecting.

            Sorry, followed a link here...didn't realize it was LE only. I am not yet LE but working on it.
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              In my experience I asked questions that wernt "mayby" questions, but ones like I was already hired like " how long will I be in the academy" "what kind of penefits / pay will I receive" " what will my shift's / rotation be" if your going to ask questions, ask like you've already been hired, dont be arrogant but be confident, it worked for me.
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                How did you make out with the interview.


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