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Juvenile Corrections Officer


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  • Juvenile Corrections Officer

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    You are a better Officer then me, I would end of killing them for being dumb.


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      It's not that bad, just remember they are just KIDS and you know KIDS will try to push your buttons. My first day the kids tried testing me to see if I will bend or be a hard *** so hold your ground.

      I hope you have thick skin also, I think I've been called about every name possible in a month lol.

      Good luck brother, PM me if you have any other questions I might be able to answer.


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        What part of Southern California did you apply for? Most counties in CA require you to take a tour at the juvie hall before you can even take the written test. The academy is six weeks long. The first 5 weeks of the class consist of job knowledge training. The last 6th week is the PC832 Law of Arrest.


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          i thought the academy was 16 weeks?
          tested in San Diego- SWB, 10/11
          TSL- 11/17/11
          pft1- 12/8/11
          Pre-E Forms-completed 3/12
          Qual- completed 3/12
          Medical Ex- completed 4/12
          S I-completed 3/12
          Drug Screening- completed 6/7/12
          Background Investigation- met with BI 6/5/13
          Fitness- completed 12/12

          EOD- 9/9/13 SYS
          Fletc- 10-15-13, class 338
          new fletc date- 11-18-13

          SYS CBPO 4-1-2014


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            Good luck, remember, Juvie hall requires you to be a hug a thug. Remember all of those videos that were in the new a year or so ago. Watch your back because "big brother" will be there too.
            Noise Check!

            Vic Mackey was my Training Officer


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                Originally posted by jfoote85 View Post
                Well I went to basic orientation today and the academy is just 5 weeks long. Some of the guys were saying its not even an "academy", just a classroom training course that lasts 5 weeks. No inspections, line ups, PT, or anything like that. Still don't know all the ins and outs of what I'll be doing but so far, so good. . .
                Today was our first day too. We spent the whole day just to do the paper work. What county did you apply for?


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                  I hope you have a better time with it than I did, Juveniles take a lot of patience and maturity to deal with effectively. They commit some horrific crimes, but it is usually covered up because "they're only kids".

                  I worked Juvenile before and I couldn't wait to get back into Adult Corrections and get away from the brats and their hug a thug advocates. We on a daily basis acted as baby sitters, and had to teach the occasional class on respect, self esteem, etc. in addition to monitoring the classrooms as they had to attend school, supervising the housing areas, and writing disciplinary reports and other paperwork on them.

                  We also transported them to detention hearings, trial, and supervised community service projects.
                  It was just too much red tape, justified uses of force most times resulted in CPS investigations and threatened suspensions, termination etc.
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                    As a Juvenile C.O. with about 5 months under my belt (still a rookie but learning more and more everyday) everything you have been told in this thread is true. You will have hug a thug shoved down your throat more times than you can count. Be prepared for a investigation board to rule on your @$$ everytime you breathe funny at a juvi. offender. It just so happens our detention center is run by the county sheriff's department so they arent that hard on us, but be prepared to be called every name in the book, be a counserlor,baby sitter, ref., social worker. and everything else.

                    Something I learned the hard way is to never underestimate them because of age, I have pulled multiple shanks out of cells during shakedowns. The only C.O. ever killed in the state of Mississippi was an officer in the juvenile detention facility I work in. So never ever think they are "just kids"

                    best of luck, if i can help you out in any way drop me a pm
                    Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much


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                      Yep don't let your guard down ever, no they're not just "kids" some of mine are serious offenders. I always have my back against the wall when monitoring the Dayroom. Remember to look at their toothbrushes! We had one inmate attempt to sharpen his and was found on a shake down.

                      Words are just that words, don't take anything they say personal.

                      Edit: Oh ya the smaller the inmate the harder it is to cuff em, since they usually wiggle out of every hold in order to cuff em.

                      Have fun it's actually a rewarding job IMO.
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