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MRSA Cases Going Up


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  • MRSA Cases Going Up

    I have been seeing more and more cases of MRSA popping up (nasty staph infection) Has any one else been seeing this? And if so how are you combating it in your facility?

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    We've had hundreds of cases over the past four years in Leavenworth. It got particularly nasty a few months ago. They finally got around to spraying the institution for it and it seems to be under control for the moment.

    Wash your hands--BEFORE you use the restroom, or scratch your ear, or pick your nose...
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      We have sprayers that we mix a lysol concentrate and water for the common areas and it helps, but what does not help is when it comes in from an out of county renter, writ, etc. You are right, WASH THE HANDS.


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        Having had a go round with a strain of MRSA this February I can personally attest to the fact it is not something pleasant to deal with.

        Started as a simple, at least to me, cold that took over 6 weeks, 5 different types of antibiotics in combination and IV treatment at the hospital ER before it was controlled.

        I have a now permanent scar on my previously unblemmished and wonderfully beautiful forehead (ok, neither is fact but hey, gotta laugh about something) to remind me daily of the adventure.

        Everyone should already be washing their hands, given the enviroment. But if you remotely think you may have contracted, or even come in contact with, a strain of MRSA see your doctor. Better to have it be nothing than to wait like I did and have it running wild.


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          We spray with a chemical called sanivex, we've had it for a few months and had very little staph in the facility


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            It is really bad at our County. It is everywhere! When an inmate is proven to have, he is sent to the Emergency room and rehoused to a medical unit. His room is taken off-line until the crime-scene/ hazardous waste cleanup can clean it. I wear rubber gloves for everything, and wash as often as I can. Key is to have the trustee inmates clean the $h!t out of everything with a good cleaner. (They will gladly do it cause they don't want it either).

            Wear rubber gloves, wash your hands and keep your housing unit clean! Don't take anything home but a paycheck. I leave my work boots in the garage also, they NEVER go in!
            Noise Check!

            Vic Mackey was my Training Officer


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              It has steadily incresed in numbers over the last 5 years at the hospital I work at. From the documents and reports we get it is doing that nationwide also. People need to finish their antibiotics.


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