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  • ESCAPE in Houston

    Hey folks we had an escape in Texas. Here is the link http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/4844343.html

    It was from a private facility, hmmm. Anyways, my guess is he heard about the discussions we have had on here about how great life was in the BOP. So he decided to make a run for it and will intentionally cross state lines to make it federal. Ain't life grand?
    "Hostages will not be recognized as a means or method of escape from this institution."

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    HA, that dumb***, his sentence was damn near up what with the 4 for 1 they're getting for non aggravated offenses. Well, add a nice felony to that escape. What a genius!!
    Moooooooooooo, I'm a goat


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      Looks like he was already caught, here's the story

      HOUSTON -- A 25-year-old prison escapee was captured Wednesday on a jogging trail behind the Harris County Jail -- headquarters for one of the largest contingents of law enforcement officers in the state of Texas.

      Andrew Dell Coley traveled only about seven blocks during his 30 hours on the lam before an off-duty university police chief jogging near the Harris County Jail nabbed him.

      Coley, a convicted car thief from Galveston County, apparently lacked a plan after escaping from the privately run South Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility in downtown Houston on Monday evening. He was spotted there by Chief Rick Boyle of the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department, who jogs the trail three or four days a week.

      Boyle, clad only in shorts and a T-shirt, recognized Coley's tattoo from information sent to law enforcement and ran back to the university to summon help. Boyle then watched Coley until help could arrive. Coley noticed he was being watched and immediately continued his run of self-inflicted bad luck.

      "I don't know if he knew where he was, because he ran straight toward the jail," Boyle said. Boyle caught up with the escapee and took him into custody. He then marched Coley inside the jail, where he is now being held on an escape charge.

      Michelle Lyons, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said officials believe Coley escaped by getting through a layer of fencing into a ventilation system that runs to another part of the building. He then apparently kicked out a wall panel and was able to flee. He had been in custody since January 2006.

      The private prison, which can hold up to 450 inmates, is operated under contract by The GEO Group, Inc., a private corrections firm based in Boca Raton, Fla. Opened in 1993, it houses low-risk offenders who have violated their parole or mandatory supervision.
      Moooooooooooo, I'm a goat


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        Originally posted by JSD73 View Post
        The private prison, which can hold up to 450 inmates, is operated under contract by The GEO Group, Inc., a private corrections firm based in Boca Raton, Fla.
        GEO AGAIN?!?! I am shocked...
        "it's nothing a rooftop and an AK-47 couldn't cure"


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          Another reason that private prisons should be shut down............
          Public Safety should not be wagered against profit margins.
          the only true rehabilitation starts with a needle............


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