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Any Oregon DOC?


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  • Any Oregon DOC?

    I did a little searching and it looks like any ODOC folks haven't posted in a long while, so I wanted to see if any are still on the boards.

    Couple of ?'s

    How's the retirement system? I read the state website but that's only part of the story.

    How is management?

    Do you guys have Peace Officer status?

    And lastly, how are the policies for dress and appearance and personal conduct? (I'm a life long military guy and those things are extra important to me)

    If your out there, thanks for the help.


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    Originally posted by robeans View Post
    And lastly, how are the policies for dress and appearance and personal conduct? (I'm a life long military guy and those things are extra important to me)
    What do you me I shouldn't wear a red t-shirt under my uniform? What if I don't wear one at all leave my shirt unbuttoned with hair coming out? I wonder if those guys should wear hair nets on their chest when serving chow?


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      I will say that I saw one of the Lt's calling people out at roll call last week about white shirts. But it's the unions fault, they have fought the state on implementing more stringent policies. But with ACA comes grooming standards, which I'm sure will go over like a fart in church.
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        If you don't mind my asking, what is the dress code at the facilities? Shirts, facial hair, etc. I had always assumed it was close to military.


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          You have to wear the uniform that is issued, kind of, and that's about it. You see guys with huge mullets and pony tails, dudes with earrings in, all kinds of uniform variations, dudes wearing skateboarding sneakers, dudes with 6 inch long goatees. And then there are some real crazy things like a female wearing 4 inch healed hooker boots on shift.

          Some of us wear ours like those standards exist, some don't.


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            6 in long goatees, sneakers, long hair, "screw me" heels? WTH? They get away with it because of the union? Which union are you guys through? And what's with the red Tshirt thing? I'm all for having a mustache or a little goatee but some of that sounds awfully ridiculous.


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              It's crazy ridiculous. The union won't allow the state to push strigent appearence policies because they don't want to **** off the old times who have 6 in long goatees and huge mullets.
              I'm not convinced unions are the way to go. There are non union states where correction officers are treated well.

              ThursCO, do not let that change your mind about coming out here to work though, the circus looking folks are still the minority and we need qualified and motivated people here.


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                naw, won't hold me back. Might make me look good in comparison though


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