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Understanding the new boss......


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  • Understanding the new boss......

    Hello all..
    I just bid over to a new post and my new supervisior is an ex-corrections MGR.
    He keeps bring up 'when I was in corrections......
    He now works at the "mousehouse" security employer.... ands seems rather 2-faced; I am wondering does anybuddy have any suggestions??
    He will 'bring up suggestions..that he says are 'voluntary' yet they become 'mandatory' I am thinking "union steward" but any suggestions...??
    "come on vacation, leave on probation"

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    I'd do what he says. He probably knows a thing or two more than you do about security. I'd also highly suggest approaching him with your concerns before you go and talk to the union steward. After he (and he most likely will) pretty much tells you to **** up a rope it's ok to contact the union steward. To do otherwise is most likely going to really irritate him when he is approached by the union steward with issues that he was unaware of.

    As for "voluntary suggestions..." Voluntary means he is giving everyone the opportunity to make their own personal choice: You can choose to do it or you can decide you don't want to, but in the end it really doesn't matter because you're going to end up doing it anyway, whether you like it or not.


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      new boss

      I knew from the start he had a stick up his ***. Anyway, just afew more years and I'm out and back to w***u!
      "come on vacation, leave on probation"


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        He sounds like a former Bureau of Prisons manager to me. As such he's most likely to have corn cobs between his ears that pass for brains, and a piece of slightly undercooked spaghetti for a spine.

        Union steward is the way to go. Otherwise nod your head in agreement when he speaks, then go ahead do what you know is right.
        "Keep up the good fight, pass the word, and teach others to fight back when unjustly assaulted--be it on the street or in the courtroom. Self-defense is a normal, moral act. So teach your family, friends, and students practical defense against both physical and legal marauders." by Jerry VanCook www.PrisonOfficer.Org


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          If he was a C.O. I would listen to him if I was you. But if he was one of those admin guys. Just forget everything he has to say. Never met anyone in the administration that was worth a crap except for one warden and he had come up through the ranks.
          It's a CERT thing. You wouldn't understand.


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