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    So I'm considering throwing another iron in the fire. But first:

    For all of you WADOC folks out there, what are the good/bad facilities to work for?

    I tried this in the WA state area but maybe it's better suited for here.

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    The one thing about the DOC is that all the major facilitites, are all run totally different from each other. We have 7 Major facilities throughout the state and they all have they're ups and downs.

    I would say that over all The Penitentiary here in Walla Walla is probably the best because of the leadership/experience and the fact that we are the "Point of the Spear" for the WADOC. Oh and by the way, it's 75 and sunny here right now

    I hear some really negative things about Monroe, like major over crowding and bad staff shortages (the worst in the state). I've heard stories of whole shifts being held for mandatory double shifts. Plus the cost of living in that area is horrible.

    I don't know much about Shelton, other than it's the intake for the state, and they don't have much for staffing problems. But it's close to Olympia, so can't be to bad.

    McNeil Island is pretty nice and I hear it's a good place to work.

    Airway Heights gets pretty bad reviews from the guys I've talked to, but it's in Spokane and the cost of living out there isn't to bad.

    Olympic CC and Clallam Bay are all out in the F-ing sticks on the peninsula, so I don't know anything about them and hope I never end up at one.

    Stafford Creek is in Aberdeen, so if your goal is to live out on the coast, that's the place for you, other than that I don't know much about it.

    Lastly is Coyote Ridge, which is about 40 miles north of the Tri Cities. They don't have crap right now but next year they will open up 2200 new beds and will be hiring like mad.

    Right now your best opportunities would be here at Walla Walla. They are opening up a new 900 bed complex requiring 205 new officers starting now. Plus with the expansion the opportunities are endless when it comes to advancement and special teams. Another thing is that we are getting a huge raise state wide, but Walla Walla and a couple of others are getting an extra 10% cost of living raise too, starting in July.

    With all that said I'm pretty new around here, but there are a couple of guys on here who have been around a lot longer, so maybe they can interject something more informative.
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      A few years back I passed up a job at Monroe just due to the cost of living. I did tour Clallam Bay also. Nice facility and I like the rural setting. Just wish I could have hired on there.
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        The rural facilities are hard to get hired on with, they get a lot of the local guys. Clallam Bay isn't to bad because it's kind of close to Port Angeles, but Olympic CC is way out in the middle of no-where.

        Monroe is having horrible problems, mainly because of the cost of living and King County Detention Center pays a lot more.


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