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  • question for dept jumpers...

    If you had a choice which one would it be, DOC or FD? the reason I'm asking is because I've just completed BI for NYCDOC and now FDNY is doing BI on me. I really want to be an LEO but FD has this rep where everyone from DOC & PD transfer to when they get the chance. I'm not really a heat person anyway and I'd probably go to DOC anyway. Just looking for experienced voices...
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    I wouldn't do either one.... I'm now leaving NYCDOC for the NYPD... I should be in the July police academy. Working on Rikers Island SUCKS!! I can't stand it!
    Really "Patrolling The Toughest Precincts In New York City"!


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      Take whatever job calls you first. You can always transfer and carry the time/pension with DOC/NYPD/Sanitation/FDNY. Do DOC until something else calls.... thats what most people do.


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        im taking a 4.00 an hour pay cut to work at a smaller county jail but I will have the opportunity to go out on patrol..just following a dream.


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          Lets see. 8 appearances a month on the FD. 24 hour tours. Get paid to sleep. No body is throwing **** in your face. Get paid to work out. The public loves you. Get drunk all the time and never get in trouble with the job. Or go to jail. Brother if the FD gives you a call. Put on your rubbers and go.


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   much love for the NYC Department of Corrections in this thread..What happened to being the Boldest CO's in the world??
            If we unite and fight..we can win the day..Save Ogdensburgh or your facility may be next..


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              I'm not knocking city corrections. I have a lot of respect for them. But the FD is a much better gig than the PD or DOC. Better everything with the FD.
              8 days a month brother. Nuff said.


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                i guess that answers that gives me better dad was PD for 27 years and I asked him. Before I even got out the words, "which one would..." he said FD!!!!! so I guess i gotta start jogging in the morning either way. hahaha
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                  What do policemen and firemen have in common........they all want to be fireman.


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