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  • policy update questions


    I have been asked to help update the policy and procedure at our facility. We are a county jail that houses both pre-trial and sentenced inmates.

    What I am trying to do is gain information from other officers, deputies, sergeants, etc., about how their facility operates. One of my main concerns on creating new policy is arrestee intake procedure. Does your facility perform a search of all arrestees prior to entering the facility, while in the booking area, or do you rely on the search performed by the local pd or road deputies? Do you house inmates based on any criteria or just place them in general population unless they have murder, manslaughter, etc charges?

    Do you assign pod officers and floor officers or do you switch throughout the shift?

    Any additional information is also appreciated. Please feel free to contact me via PM or request my email via PM to discuss further. I greatly appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

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    Depending upon the shifts you are working at my facility it is:

    12 hour shifts get switched out every 6 hours. (ex. 6 hours cell block, 6 hours tower duty).

    8:45 shifts you are assigned to the same duty position for the day.

    When we receive new inmates we perform our own searches, I do a strip search and search all their property as well.

    When I worked for the County I did the same thing, when we received them from PD or SO we would strip search them before going to booking.
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      New arrivals are searched by the police AND our officers.
      Placement is usually based on compatibility (gang issues etc).
      Pod/floor time is usually shared through a shift (some staff are better at this than others)

      PM if you need any more details.


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        P & P

        All prisoners entering our jail are searched by a correctional officer.
        All prisoners entering our jail are passed through a magnatometor.
        We do not conduct routine strip searches due to a law suit preventing strip searches of pre-sentence detainees.
        Strip searches are permissible once the prisoner is housed in the facility as necessary.
        Pat and Rub searches are conducted on an frequent and irregular basis to minimize distribution of contraband.
        All prisoners are searched upon entering a housing unit from booking.
        All prisoners are searched any time they move from one security zone to another.
        All prisoners are searched any time they leave the facility (e.g. Court).
        Assignement of prisoners is based on a Objective Jail Classification Model.
        Our facility has staff assigned to housing, booking, health services, CIRT etc. Officers assigned to one of these units only work that unit. Assignment of staff is at the discretion of the unit sergeant.
        Duration of assignment is also at the discretion of the unit sergeant.
        We work 8 hour shifts on a 7 day on 3 day off 7 day on 4 day off rotation.
        My staff are assigned to a unit on a 2/2/3 basis. I don't like leaving them in a unit much longer than that just to keep things fresh, and give them new challenges.

        Many agencies make thier policy public information (excluding information that would pose a risk of security to the facility). You could contact agencies of a similar size to request copies of thier policy. Don't forget the American Jail Association and Natiional Sheriff's Association may have reference material as well.
        Sorry not enough room to write a P&P manual here.
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          Only thing I will add is NEVER allow the inmate into the main portion of the facility before having him or her patted down/searched. You cannot rely on other agencies to make things safe for you.....we've found knives, drugs, lighters, cell phones, more drugs...even after an officer has said, he's clean.

          Duty assignments are made by the Sgt and based on your performance or willingness to work you might be 'promoted' to Intake/booking...eventually, but rookies always have to prove themselves by riding pods for at least 6 months to a year or until they quit
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            The arresting agency is responsible for both a search and walking the arestee through our metal detector just prior to entering the booking area.

            He is then pat searched by our staff just before he is fingerprinted. Once they are finished being printed, photographed and he is asked if he is a gang member, homosexual or requires protective custody. They are then placed in either a large felon tank, misdemeaner or cite (drunk) tank. If they are PC, they get secured in their own holding cell.

            After he is given his TB shot, he is interviewed by our classification unit to determine his sophistication level, charges, violence or gang membership. His history had already been run so we already know his past time in custody. His level is determined and he is assigned to an area best suited for his behavior. Low to high security or direct (cell) or indirect housing.

            Felons are strip searched and escorted to their housing unit. Our officers are assigned to one area (or dorm/pod) for the entire shift (12 hours)
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              We pat search all inmates entering the facility.
              We also strip search all inmates charged with a drug crime or when the arresting officer believes that the inmate may have contraband on them.
              All incoming inmates are kept in our holding cell area until their assignment has been made by the classification officer and determination of whether they fall into Low, Medium, or Maximum risk.
              All trusties who work outside of the facility, whether it be for five minutes or five hours, are strip searched upon being brought back in from their work.

              As far as shift officers go, we rotate them from dorm to cell block (making rounds) assignments, every three, four or six hours depending on where they are assigned, how busy we are and the amount of staff there that day.
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