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    Hey, feeling a bit depressed at the moment, just thought I would post thought it might help if I put it down in writing.

    I have been a Correctional Officer for 27 years now and am currently assigned to the hardest unit in the centre due to my experience, but I am going on 51 years old now and in the last week we have had two cert is our unit where crims have been trying to stab each other or us.

    Anyway after punching on with a few the other night and rolling around on the floor , I stood up and said to myself "**** I am getting to old for this" surely a young mans job now , hell I have done my apprenticeship .

    Releasing this I have applied to go into a department which deals with Parole orders etc: only to be told that I am to old and that they are only looking at young University grads who can give them years of service.

    I got angry with the lot of them and hateful to tell the truth, don't they owe me something or am I to be put to pasture because I am not useful anymore , well having said that they still keep me where I am to do the hard yards.

    Sorry guys and girls just a bit dissolutions and depressed hope you don't mind me airing my woe's abit.
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