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Questions about womans prison


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  • Questions about womans prison

    Starting the academy next week at a female prison. How is the dynamic different compared to a male prison? Is it more or less dangerous and why? Backstory: my family moved and this is the first LE job that called me back and interviewed/drug tested me. My wife wasnt happy with me working in a womans prison but I brought her around.
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    The Paranoid stories are worse than it really is. I have been throigh a coulple female BOP facilities and kown several staff that have worked in female institutuons on the BOP side. As far as BOP they said it was gravy. They had to make rounds to make sure in mates were alive it was so quiet. While you will still have an occasional fight especially the higher the security level it's not like male institutuons.

    Now what everyone is afraid of.....sexual accusations!!!! Get over it. With PREA a female joint is no different than a male joint. Male inmates file false BS accusations too. 99.9% it's BS the admin knows it's BS but they have to do their look see.

    Use it as a stepping stone for a promotion to another facility or agency and don't get pulled in by the I'll informed. Especially the ones that have never set foot inside it talked to several staff that worked there.

    Good luck
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      We had a female unit at our facility. Personally, I'd rather work the female unit than the male. A lot less fights and if there were, you could generally handle it your yourself. Also there is less dangerous contraband, you don't find shanks that much or things of that nature. As for cons, there is a lot of drama compared to a male unit, so don't get caught up in it. They also like to bother you a lot more than the males. Accusations will happen, it's just part of the job. Anytime I had a 1 on 1 with a female, I'd make sure I'd be in camera range.

      Overall, it was a cakewalk.


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        Congrats, I start the academy next week as well & will also be at the women's prison.


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