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Federal Corrections-couple questions.


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  • Federal Corrections-couple questions.

    Wondering how the interview process went and how easy or hard the 3 week training may be at Glynco Georgia. I’ve seen some posts from years ago and wanted a fresh idea if anything has changed.

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    And any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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      It's nothing to sweat and it's pretty simple. I did the interview in 2016 and FLETC in 2017, so somethings might have changed. Also each institution might do the interview process different, however, here is how they did it at mine.

      For the interview process, you take a core values test (I think you need a 70% to pass, I forgot the cutoff). You can't study for it or anything it's just common sense. You watch some videos and have to write a report like you're the officer in the video. For the actual interview, it was mainly situational stuff. If an inmate did X, what would you do and why? Again, common sense stuff, nothing to be worried about.

      For FLETC, it's also simple. If you were ever in the military or LE, it's a piece of cake. You'll do firearms, combatives, and written tests.

      Firearms: You qualify with the Glock 17, M4, and M870.
      Combatives: You learn some defensive moves.
      Written test: They are all multiple choice. It's either two or three tests and you have to pass them. They aren't hard, just pay attention in class.

      Also there is a psychical test you take the first week you are there. Again, it's not hard, if you're even in somewhat shape you'll do fine.
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        If a person has half a brain and listen they will pass. As far as firearms they dumb it down to the lowest common denominator there so if your a Master Jedi just keep it to yourself. Nobody cares and you make it go longer than it has to be. Depending on institutuon you will get a different sidearm for armed post as Glynco is the only one out of a couple using Glocks. Most still have DAO Beretta or Rugers. A few have S&W M&P which is the contract gun since 2014.

        Good luck


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