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    Hello all,
    Maybe I’m just doing it wrong but I’m having a hard time finding plentiful amount of interview questions on the internet for entry level CO. There are plenty of police officer sample questions online to practice but few for CO. for anyone who cares, can you chime in on some sample interview questions? tell me some questions that were given to you during your interview?

    I interviewed for the sheriff's office (Patrol officer position) that is ran by almost the same civil service dept. and I didn't do good as I hoped and pretty much bombed it to my standards. I practiced a lot of questions that you would find on a typical Oral Board but once it started it was not like that. The two questions that most employers will ask are 1. What do you know about this department? 2. Why do you want to work here? These weren't even asked and OB was more of a typical laid back interview that was for a basic job. This really threw me off and I had not prepared for this. I don't want to go through that again so your help and any questions you can think of, that would be good to practice, would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Every agency and department is going to interview differently. I am prior law enforcement and currently work for the BOP as a CO. Both interview sessions were completely different and then my buddies who work at other facilities stated that their interview questions were different then ones I had been given. Short answer is, stop worrying about preparing for one set type of questions and instead learn to adapt to changing and chaotic situations. Prepare for every type of question. Prepare for background questions, situational judgement questions, history questions over the department etc. Now also, since you are not (I assume) experienced in this field they do not expect you to give the golden boy answer. They are looking for you to make good ethical judgements in your answering. So answer the question in the most professional way possible and don't stress.


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      Thank you for the advice. Yes i am not experienced in this field. I was just hoping to find some questions, to practice. I know every dept does things differently and i know the questions will vary across the board. I can't help but want to practice various questions, i just want to make sure i don't bomb this interview. What were some questions that stood out to you when you interview for CO?

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      Can you work nights, weekends, holidays and rotating shifts?
      Are you under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
      Do you think you could use deadly force to stop an escaping inmate?
      Can you count?
      Can you read and write?

      Corrections, in a lot of places, just want some warm bodies to fill positions. As long as you have a valid driver's license, no felonies or domestic violence convictions and can count to 100 to 200 your hired. If you can do a little adding and subtracting your leadership potential.

      I'm sure there are exceptions but that appears to be the standards for corrections.
      BTW I've worked corrections in 2 states.


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        Occasionally you get an applicant who is a real tool. When that happens I've always wanted to ask them how many bubbles are in a bar of soap, but I usually chicken out. There is a legitimate answer to that question, its just defending the question as being something legitimate to ask on an oral.

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