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  • BCOA in December

    If I take this job offer a I am expected to go through BCOA in Galt during the month of December. I turned down Susanville, Kern, Salinas, and Tehachapi. So I am really debating on the Vacaville position (this would be my second waver) Any comments? I am hoping for Folsom or Mule Creek? Does anybody know if they are hiring...I searched the WEB (WVPOS) and could not see any slots so I am wondering hmmmmmmmmmm.

    What is a typical day like in BCOA in the Galt facility.. I am thinking of bunking there M-F even though I live 40 miles away just to totally immerse myself..

    Thanks the Old guy....
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    Jimcdc, are they offering you SVSP or CTF?
    Anyway, I've been at CTF for 9+ Yrs. It's a good joint but it's one of the revolving doors of CDC(R). C/o's come and go just to get there foot in the door of the dept.
    Generally speaking transfer to Folsom, CSPSac, and Mule Creek is taking 2 yrs. Count on no less. Alot of guys and gals make the trip back and forth to the valley but I discourage this. If they're offering CMF or Solano I'd say jump on it. Of course, if you take Soledad look at the Monterey area to live you can rent there for the price of Salinas.


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      California State Prison (SOL)

      Thanks for your reply..Not knowing the prison institutions well enough I misspoke actually it's California State Prison (SOL) I have until the 17th to decide...

      What have you heard about this place?



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        Originally posted by JIM_CDC
        Thanks for your reply..Not knowing the prison institutions well enough I misspoke actually it's California State Prison (SOL) I have until the 17th to decide...

        What have you heard about this place?

        So I am guessing it is Solano then. I am guessing the round trip will take its toll on you pretty quick. I would think that through carefully. Go to www.pacovilla.com for more insight into CA corrections.

        I took KVSP and will be going to the 10/31 academy. I live in LA now, so it will still be a quick trip to visit the folks and in-laws.

        Good luck with whatever you decide.


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          Hey there,

          I am at KVSP since transferring from SVSP in June. I had a great time at SVSP and the experience there is great. Alot of good officers and the brotherhood is also great. Were still far from being at full operations at KVSP with just shy of 2000 inmates.

          The first day of the academy is alot of lines and verifying paperwork. The typical day is 8-4 for the classes and lunch. The PT is in the morning which consists of running and different forms of exercises. The COSIT which is the OJT part is pretty cool, going to the different joints in the area. Weekends are off time and also during the week, there is a curfew which is enforced by academy staff.

          There are tests every week in order to continue through the academy, if you fail once, you get a second chance and if you fail that then you get sent home with the chance of coming back in the next academy. The tests are really easy and if you study the night before the test, you should have no problem.

          In March, I will have 4 years with the Dept. and if you keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble, you will have a good time with CDC. Do your job well and don't take BS.

          You will hear alot of "war stories" at the academy from people getting into trouble and stuff happening on grounds. When I went through, we had a Domestic Assault occur when the Hubby came on grounds and assaulted his wife because she was messing around with someone.

          Hope you have a good time in the academy and the day of gradutaion when that badge gets pinned on you after taking the oath, you will be held to a higher level of public trust.

          Don't forget, in law enforcement, your always watched.


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            Cool can't wait

            Thanks for the info, the more I read the more I can't wait to start this job. It seems I every 10 years and re-invent myself, so this hopefully will be the last time? Ahh who knows life a journey! Fifty is young now adays!

            Awesome posts!



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