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Gangs in Fed. System


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  • Gangs in Fed. System

    What gangs do you guys have most problem with?

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    the gang....." administration"............
    " if you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name....
    " if you walk in your sleep, forget where you came....


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      Originally posted by ftlaudcop
      the gang....." administration"............

      Yep, that's the largest group of trouble makers we have too.
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        A/B-A/C-MM-Tango Blast

        Are the majority of the problems. We then have the "small" little cliques that pop up every now and again and cause a small problem.


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          We have a bunch of little offshoots of the bloods and a few of the crips. A lot of our Fed holds have some form of gang affiliation as well. We just got our first MS-13 member and of course our classification people put with a bunch of hispanic immigration holds. Pure genius on their half.


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            Actually Dragon, generally speaking MS-13 inmates get along with "southerners". We house MS-13 inmates with the Surenos with no problems. Some federal institutions will be getting the Nuestra Familia generals from Pelican Bay soon...

            Edit: Did not realize you were on the other side of the country...things are probably different than here in California.


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              About 10 major and 30 offshoots.

              I think that whenever you have a cross section of nationalities there is with the culture we work in, you have gangs. I could not begin to name all of them. We see alot of bloods, crips, soreano's, native mob (quite powerful) in general they run the floors.

              Otherwise I agree -The admin gang can be tough to deal with ! ha ha

              Oh and I just saw the origonal post - gangs in Fed system. I work the State System.
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                Dennis, I wasn't talking about them not getting along. I was referring to the potential for recruitment. Whether it is gang activity on the east or west coast any new info is always appreciated.


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                  Ah yes, recruitment. We have the same problem. Our NF members are recruiting and schooling these young kids like crazy.
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                    Other than management? HA HA! Yeah Uh, anyways, in Canada in Western Canad where I work, we have huge problem with the Native Gangs and Asians. They are all pushing dope and lots of it. Eastern Canada has more traditional Gangs, OMG, Mafia and such.


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                      They are all a problem now that "enlightened" prison administrators are allowing them to help run all the high security and most of the medium security prisons. They haven't quite replaced the staff yet, but it's coming.

                      If the Texas prison system uses Building Tenders & Turnkeys, it's unconstitutional and downright evil, and "un-enlightened." If the feds do it, it's "sound correctional management."
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                        gangs in Ontario

                        We have traditionally started to show offshoots of the bloods and crips with some major sets gaining newscoverage other than that the OMG's, mafia asian and native gangs are the majority. We have not neccessarily on our prison system butin our society begun to show more of the hispanic gangs with a few MS 13's beginning to pop up. This is the reason I posted earlier to see if anyone has info they could pass on like articles or pics to help us identify the gangs that we have no info on yet. If anyone can help please feel free to I/M me and let me know how

                        thanks from your neighbour to the north

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                          The biggest gang here are the
                          Meth Monkeys
                          Methamphedamine-drug of choice of the broke and desperate. Easy to make, get and use. Hard habit to crack................ If you can..............


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