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Psychic Dtectives.....


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  • Psychic Dtectives.....

    Psychic Dtectives.....

    OK, I watch the Cout TV Network, I like the show Forensic Files, but there is one show that I just can't believe in and that is Psychic Detectives. They show these cases but how come you never hear of them in the News. What do all of you think about them. I just don't believe in Psychic Dtectives.

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    Smells like Bull**** to me. Except for the Pet Psychic, she's real.
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      Alright this may sound really weird but i'll share it. 4 years ago in college I had a police operations class. It was a 3 hour class and we had a class scheduled on Halloween night. Our professor was a former Oklahoma state police detective. She was discussing how they used psychics on several occasions. Anyhow one of the professors in the Psych. department always brought her friend ( who was a psychic ) in to do readings on Halloween to the class. There were only 15 people in my class so our professor said we would go down and do readings as a change of pace. Anyhow I was the last person to get read and I was always skeptical. All I told this lady was my name and my birthday. The first thing she said was " dont worry about her youll replace her with a light haired girl, then youll replace that girl with your future wife". I was astounded because 3 days before I had broken up with my girlfriend. Two months later I started dating another girl, with light hair, for 3 years, then we just broke up about 4 months ago.

      She then said that I was going to pull a muscle in my back while working out and to be really careful and stretch. Now this was weird because back then before i got into weight training i weighed 320lbs, so its not like she put together i was athletic. But last month sure enough i was doing ez bar curls and came up wrong and came up with a partial tear in my lattimus, which is where she pointed to.

      Lastly she told me that she saw me in a Prison, and that i would be sucessful but to be careful, and sure enough here I am waiting for my background check to clear and Ill be working in a prison. But she didnt know the psych students from the CJ students so she couldnt come to that conclusion and take a guess.

      On a side note she told one girl she would break her leg in a skiing accident ( I saw the girl on campus with crutches after xmas break, and sure enough skiing accident.)

      And she told a guy he would be in a car accident, he would be driving someone elses car and the brakes wouldnt work. Yup you guessed it, he was at a party and was driving his friends car home, and the breaks went out and he sideswiped a parked car.
      So since then, I am a believer.


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