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Exploding powder?


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  • Exploding powder?

    Has anyone out there come across this before? I'm reviewing a Disciplinary Action Report and on the conduct violation the Officer states that she found a plastic cologne bottle containing a black powdery substance hidden in the mattress. Upon opening the bottle the black substance exploded on the Officer's face causing an injury to her eyes for which she had to be treated. What do you think? Booby trap or fluke accident? The inmate states that it was ash from the welding shop that he was going to use to make tattoo ink. I believe in supporting our officers and either way he's in big trouble but if it was a booby trap I really want to hammer this guy.

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    While it may be possible, I've never heard of anything of that nature exploding by itself without great pressures. I can't see a small amount hidden in a mattress being able to build up enough pressure to combust on its own.

    Are you sure it was welding ash? Could the inmate have mixed anything with it to cause the explosion? Either way this inmate's actions are directly responsible for the injuries sustained by the officer.

    I'd hang him by his balls and not think twice about it.
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      And please tell how you really feel! LOL


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        Charge to the max, she was hurt


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          First of all, I would have him in Segregation before he could blink, second of all I would find out exactly what was in it, then charge him accordingly, AND then I would hammer his *** with the max I could give him for the incident. Reagrdless if it was an accident, he was the result of an officer getting hurt either by his own meens or by having contrabaNd that he was not to have. Due to his actions an Officer was injured and he would be at fault, HAMMER HIS *** !!!!


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            exploding powder?

            (The following is given as the opinion of the writer and is not being offered as legal advice or in any offical capacity.)
            The Inmate could be charged with violations petaining to the procession of contraband.
            I would find out what the welding rods are made of ,the Inmate may well be making tat ink but most welding rods are made of manganese,cooper,lead, and cadmium the by product being a carbon base ash. I would not want to have it injected into my skin.
            The ash may act as flash powder and will ignite from friction, the act of the Officer removing the cap may have cause the reaction.This may have been intended or not.
            If your department could ,I would sent the remains of the bottle and powder to a lab to see what it was.
            Even if it was not a anti personel device I would still charge the Inmate with procession of a explosive device and have a general search of the facility done to see if any more devices could be found. Years ago Inmates would make small explosive devices from match heads and paper from the insides of cigarettes packs. This sounds more like something along this line than making ink.
            The Officer should have a full medical check up done as there are many class action suits resulting from the exposure to the by products of welding rods. Please keep us posted as to the results of your investigation.


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              Thanks for the input. We checked with the Maintenance Supervisor and he didn't believe it was welding ash and the general concensus was that it was toner from a copier. Those above me did not feel it needed to be sent to a lab. The bottle was a plastic bottle and it appears that she may have been squeezing on the bottle as she was opening it and it poofed out. In any case he's still responsible for her injuries and though we can only give him 10 days of disciplinary segregation he will be on Administrative Segregation for several months. In addition since the bottle was found in his mattress he's going to buy us a new mattress at the cost of $54.00! Unfortunately that's about all we can do to him. It's times like these it'd be nice to bring back corporal punishment.


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