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hardest part of job?


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    Cimcop1 said it better than most. The unsafe dump trucks you have to put up with, and above all else, the idiot supervisors that have NO line experiance and try to establish leadership. Alot of them can't make a desicion that fits the job. Sometimes the book needs to left on the shelf.
    The inmates I can deal with. They understand the rules. Others don't or don't care.

    Retired out of Ca.
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      Hardest Part of Job

      I think its being consistant. Some days your a hard *** in the programs pod another day Football sunday your chill in the genral pop Dorm. I have always found that to be the hardst part.

      THE EASIST PART OF THE JOB: GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        I expect inmates to be the problems, so it's easy to move on after they do. However when staff go out of their way to make life miserable for each other, you really have to wonder where they stand. It's usually for stupid reasons, too. Someone gets upset because they are denied vacation or get force fed overtime, then they start pointing fingers and back stabbing.

        We have supervisors and administration that are nothing more than Internal Affairs wannabe's. They want to start an investigation on officers who don't dot their i's or cross their t's, but somehow overlook the serious things. Luckily, most of them are inept.

        Doccy AU, the idiots here think that "convict" is a status thing. They hate to be called "offender", which is our politically correct term for inmate. To them, offender = rapo. As far as BOSS goes, I don't think most of them have a clue that it means anything.


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          Hardest Part of job?

          Having to deal with a staff member who had feces and urine thrown on them by an inmate in our Administrative Segregation Unit...


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            it would have be to not having the respect of the public..now i press my uniform and try every day to be prof. and then boom the secretary of the fl. dept. of corrections is asked to step down amid a whirlwind of mis-deeds and lies and drug dealing and now we have a temp in office and guess what he is doing going over all the investigations to look for mistakes well now if that is not hard i do not know what is


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              Hardest part of the job?

              1. Putting up with some of the staff - you can tell an inmate to *&^% off, but it's not "politically correct" to tell a staff member that.

              2. People up in the "main office" writing policy, telling staff "how to run a yard" when they haven't been on the yard in 20 years or worse, never been on the yard.

              3. This "hug a thug" movement that's slowly making it's way back into prison........three meals a day is all they should get and they should be happy with that.

              4. Supervisors who can't make a decision to save their life - who cares if it's the right or wrong answer......grow some and make a decision.

              And the list goes on.....................

              Really, I like my job but sometimes, I just gotta vent


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