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  • HBO series OZ

    Is the HBO series OZ an accurate depiction of life within the walls? I'm currently going through the hiring process of the Mass. DOC. I've completed the physical, the background check, the oral board, the drug test, the written psych test, and have been fitted for uniforms. I am scheduled to meet with their Doctor to complete the psych eval on 08/22/05.

    I'm getting myself ready in case they make me an offer. How accurate is OZ? What shoes, documentaries, and or movies should watch in order to get an accurate depiction of what the job entails? Thanks in advance!

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    rent yr self some prison movies,
    and just relate it todays times.
    " if you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name....
    " if you walk in your sleep, forget where you came....


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      Nothing on TV compares to real life. Not even "reality" TV. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.
      You have no right to not be offended.-Neal Boortz


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        " American Me ", shows best what prison life is all about.
        With Strength and Power We Will Prevail......


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          I'll second that on American Me. It gives you the basis of the what a male prison is all about. Get the DVD. It has a doc on it called "Lives in Hazard". It goes into the making of a inamte as well as the making of the movie at Folsom. They really did film that stabbing scence on the yard when the guy was getting a tat while driving. And the kicker was the inmates were on the yard for rec during filming! The other sad part was the doc shows that alot of the people in the movie were real bangers and after the movie they got hit. Its been said E Olmos had a 1million dollar hit put on him by EME after the movie came out. Apparently he and EME came to some sort of deal$ after a while.

          Also read the book "NEWJACK". You'll find after a while that alot of your stress or most of it comes not from the inmates but through your bosses and coworkers. Sad but true. Lift weights, run, take paxil but don't let the stress come out on your loved ones. Read this book. Take the lessons learned from Conover. It should be required reading for every new CO.


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