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  • Other names for CO's

    Just a thought, I was thinking of other names given to co's, i.e. nicknames or slang names. I have heard of CO's being called "screws", HBO's "OZ" made use of the name "HACKS", and In my home state, Wyo. the co's are called "bulls", for what ever reason. I have also heard of "cagekickers" as this is what most of the Army corrections MP's are called.
    It would be interesting to see what the rest of you have all heard or experienced.

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    CO is what most of them call us to our face, also heard screw, bull, H.A.C.K.(Horse's *** Carrying Keys), guard, and plenty of four letter words.

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      our deputies assigned to the jail, we jokingly call them
      baggy pants jailer's...the older guys,,,,because of the senior citizen
      non-cop's that are appointed " bailiff's' in the court, as the fla law
      states ...the sheriff or one of his deputies must attend or be present
      in all court rooms of the county, since being a bailiff is not fulltime police or corrections, they do not have to be post certified, we do have a squad of post certified , assigned...,...we call the older jail guys....baggy pants bailiff's.
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        BOSS backward is SSOB or Stupid Son of a B*****

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        When an officer walks into a area where inmates are up to no good on inmate will yell "Man Down"
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          turn key, knuckle dragger, cop, screw, were all some i heard while on the inside.


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            BOSS- Sorry son of bitch backwards


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              In Aus we get called Srews, Boss, Forbi, Jacks, Turnkeys
              and of course other colourful descriptions only limited by ones imagination.


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                How about

                We are the thin blue line
                between you
                and all the money in the world.

                And no you can't have any.


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                  I remember in the C/O academy we were told about a story called Downing a Duck... the C/O of course the duck... Good story and I suggest anyone in corrections to read it....
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                    in ny they call us popo or rosco
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                      In some units in Ca., would call us "The Goon Squad". Mainly because we all wear jump suits. Some of the other names listed above are pretty common.
                      Some white I/M's like to use the term "Boss', and a lot of blacks still refere to C/O's as "The Man" or their favorite, "Pigs".

                      Retired from Ca.

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                        I've heard inmates talkin s***, and calling CO's rent-a-cop, but they usely call co's officer, well at least to are faces.


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                          In qld we are refered to as chief, boss, screw, dog, turn keys, jacks and other imagineatitive phrases. When we are kitted up we are refered to as the goon squad, stormtroopers, and at one centre I worked we were refered to as Ninja turtles as our kit was all green


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                            In Florida you


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                              In my pen

                              When they call you names is it in the SOP to correct that inmates behavior. I have the good fortune of working inside a prison where we can teach an inmate a lesson if they start talking **** to a officer. Alot of you guys sound like your wardens are way to soft on the inmates as far as what you have to put up with. That only happens in DR in my joint. They baby those pussies up until its time for the injection. But being able to beatdown inmates is the only good thing about my prison. The pay for what we have to do is horrible. I'd kill for CDC pay and a strong union. You guys in CA don't know how good you got. Good bless you and make that money!


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