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Procedures for prisoners with medical emergencies


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  • Procedures for prisoners with medical emergencies

    I am trying to see how other correctional facilities handle prisoners with medical emergencies. Below are two scenarios:

    1) A police officer brings you a prisoner for you to take custody of so the prisoner can be presented to the commissioner (or the equivalent in your jurisdiction). While you are processing the prisoner for intake, you are involved in a use of force incident with said prisoner, causing a head injury to the prisoner. The police officer is still at your facility finishing paperwork. What happens next?

    2) Initially the same as 1), except no use of force incident and you finish the initial processing of the prisoner, the police officer leaves, and the prisoner is placed in a cell awaiting presentation to the commissioner (again, or the equivalent). Prisoner then complains of pain unrelated to the arrest or the initial booking process. EMS responds and needs to take him/her to the hospital. What happens next?

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    Your saying at a Prison,Altho your wording it like a officer has just arrested one and brought to jail.

    As for 1,
    You had the fight,hes yours.

    Actually paper work is normally sent days in advance and a bed is already there for him.Intake is mostly paperwork for the officers working there to show when he arrived and to get the prisons copies of medical ,disciplinary and anything else coming from the county jails even tho the state offices will already have these normally before they send the transfer notice of when they want them.

    2. Again what your describing is a arrest and brought to a county or pd jail.Not really a correctional facility but a detention center.

    Either way you accepted him.Hes yours.


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      It's pretty obvious that there are different set-ups depending on what state you live in. I am referring to whatever is the equivelant of a police officer bringing an arrest (that he just made and either just completed his paperwork or is going to begin it) to the initial booking center for inital processing.

      Thanks for your reply.


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        Corrections is prison in all states that ive ever been to and thats alot. Detention is what you describing.

        Both cases hes your regardless.


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          In Maryland it depends on the county. Detention where I work is ran by county corrections.


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            I'm with a Sheriff's Office in Washington state.

            In both scenarios, Corrections personnel are responsible. Once we enter the booking area and corrections takes custody of said inmate, he/she is their responsibility.


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