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After tomorrow, HOPEFULLY i'm back!!!!


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  • After tomorrow, HOPEFULLY i'm back!!!!

    I left corrections back in March. I was offered more pay at a previous job to return. I stewed over the offer for a week and decided to take it. After a couple of weeks I began to regret it. I started to remember all the reasons why I had left to begin with. Burn out was the biggest reason I left and it didn't take me long to get burned out again.

    One day it hit me! I felt like I took a step back in my life. I felt like I abandoned my brother and sister COs. I began to miss them and the job. One night a few months ago I was invited out with some jail buddies and as we were swapping stories I felt a longness to be with them again. Its a funny thing the bond which forms amongst COs.

    I started applying to the jails in my area. After a while one finally called me for an interview! So hopefully after tomorrow I'll once again wear a CO uniform and begin to form new bonds.

    Some people I talk to don't seem to understand how I could miss a job like Corrections. Has this ever happened to any of you? Has anyone else left the job and eventually regretted it?

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    The interview went good. They nodded to my answers and such. I think I had it nailed up until I told them I had planned on working my current job for a while longer. Still waiting to hear from them.


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