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Ergo Test for Juvenile Detention Officer


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  • Ergo Test for Juvenile Detention Officer

    Hi All,

    Well, last week I was interviewed for a job with the DJJ. There were 200 applicants, I was one of eight to be picked out of 60 others during group interviews.

    Tomorrow I go in for a Ergo test. Never really heard of that. I was just informed today that I was selected for the test. They take the top eight potential candidates, the four with the highest score get the job.

    Has anyone ever taken the Ergo test? What's it like? Multiple choice? Any math on it?

    I have experience previously working for the DJJ. I've been through extensive training, I just hope all the questions are field related!

    Thanks in advance for any info!!

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    I don't mean for this to be directed towards you but anyone who actually fails that ergo test is an idiot. No, there is no math involved, basically what they are going to do is show you a series of different video-clips of youth offenders doing miscellaneous things, fighting, arguing, crying and you will fill out a multiple choice sheet of the most appropriate action to handle the given situation.

    If you've passed the 5th grade, you will pass the ergo test.

    I would like to however add and warn you of my experience at DJJ. I worked there for a total of four days before quitting.
    The department is unprofessional uneducated and dangerous (You will I repeat you WILL get hurt).
    No it's not a stepping stone into law enforcement or corrections, they will even tell you that if you ask them
    You do not carry handcuffs or restraints of any kind inside the facility.
    The youth run the detention center
    I would not work there for $30/hr

    I could go on and on about all the negatives, I wish someone had told me before I started there but oh well.
    Sorry if this was discouraging but I really want you to know what you are getting into before you waste your time
    Any questions feel free to ask me.


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