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Florida Department of Juvenile Justice


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  • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

    Hi All,

    I recently worked at a residential detention facility. I will now be working at a detention center, which is state ran.

    I have two weeks of academy training. I still caught up on a question. I've looked over DJJ laws, and searched the net but I can't find the answer.

    Here goes:

    Say you are transporting delinquents from the detention center to a court hearing in the DJJ's van. Two youth begin a verbal disagreement, you give a verbal warning. They ignore you and begin physically fighting. As the driver, what would you do?

    Some of the answers were: Pull over and separate the youth, or continue to give verbal warnings. There were more choices but I can't recall.

    I feel like if I were to pull over, one could escape. Then if say I didn't, they could possibly kill each other.

    Sorry if this seems lame, I'm still a rookie.

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    I assume you are transporting alone without a partner. Pull the van over and radio for assistance from the nearest law enforcement agency. While I understand your duty to protect the inmates, your safety is paramount, and if you don't have any way to diffuse the situation, (Taser etc.), there really isn't much else you can do. Stay Safe!

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      I'm surprised they transport alone where I work it's always at least two as far as fighting when getting transported to court or hospital they have leg irons on(schakels) and cuffs connect to a restraint belt so if they tried to start fighting it woukd look kind of funny.


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        Fighting or not, cuffs, shackles and a restraint belt mean very little if the subject isn't being closely observed. There are many inmates, convicts and pre-trial detainees that are quite adept at breaching these devices. never, and I mean NEVER rely solely on these to restrain an individual. They can be beat and often are. That goes for rack belts and other restraints as well...they are all mechanical devices that can and do fail. Be safe out there!
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          I do agree 100 percent but like I said they are never transported with one officer if it's a hospital run it's 2 co plus driver if it's court or transporting between facilities it's at least two so as my comment about leg irons and cuffs was a joke there are other measures taken and when ever dealing with inmates all must be on hight alert and maintain care custody and control.


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