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MDC Brooklyn & MCC New York (Manhattan)


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  • MDC Brooklyn & MCC New York (Manhattan)

    Hey all,

    I applied to MDC Brooklyn and MCC New York recently and have a few questions on the locations:

    What is the turn over like at these facilities? Are they actively pulling from the list?

    How long is the hiring process? I have seen things in the ballpark of 6 months or so, but that info seemed fuzzy.

    What jurisdiction and arrest powers do a BOP Officer in these areas? Would they be able to make an arrest in NYC, NYS, or USA as a whole? Or, are they more of a Peace Officer Status?

    Any info is much appreciated

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    No takers huh?


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      I don't work for the BOP, but I am familiar with the NYC facilities and they generally have large turnover. BUT, the economy is bad so staff may be staying put.

      Under federal law, BOP staff have extremely limited arrest authority (they can enforce two or three statutes). Under NYS law, they are peace officers, but if you make an arrest, the BOP won't back you up. BOP staff are not trained to make arrests so if you decided to do one under NYS law, you'd be lost.


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        thanks much


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          Both those institutions have fairly high turnover rates, the majority of new hires are going to be prior military or those with previous law enforcement/correctional experience. Not to say that some don't make it in on a BS or BA alone but to get best-qualified on your KSAs you are normally going to find one of the first two categories. You can arrest off BOP grounds only for assaulting a federal LEO, escape, and assisting escape and you can arrest on BOP grounds for any violation of Title 18 or 21 USC...on paper. In practice that will virtually never happen, it will always be another agency to handle it. Furthermore, you are never taught how to make an arrest or, for that matter, any useful DT so leave the arrests to the cops. Don't get involved in anything off duty, do your 8hrs, and never stop trying to move on. Good foot in the door for the federal system but if you want to make corrections your career go state/county especially in this region. Current BOPer, for at least the next month or two then I'm on to greener pastures.


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            Cool. Thanks for squaring that away. What kind of firearm training is involved? Are they able to carry off duty?


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              Firearms is really the only thing you spend a decent amount of time on down at FLETC but qualifications are a joke. You qualify from 3 and 7yds with the Ruger P95DAO, 25yds with the Remington 870, 50yds with the M16A1. You will shoot out to the 25, and distances in between, with P95 with different drills but qualifications are only from 3 and 7. Some institutions have P89DAOs, M16A2, or M-4s but you will qualify with what I listed. Standards are so low it's nothing to worry about.

              After you've been in a year you can apply to get your BPT cert which allows you to do escorts outside the institution; qualifications for that is the standard police course out to 25yds with the Ruger. You can carry off-duty under LEOSA but BOP will not even bat an eye before hanging you out to dry for getting involved in something so make no mistake, you are carrying for personal defense only not out making arrests and playing street cop.
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                Thanks for the info.


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