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  • I’ve had my application in for 2 years. Best qualified and everything. My background investigation just cleared with CBP last Wednesday and the next day I got an email to schedule an interview for FCI Berlin. Haha. Go figure. 2 years too late because I’m going to accept the CBP job. So FCI Berlin might be a good spot to try to get in before the announcement closes soon. I had a couple of old friends work there for a few years before transferring back to the area.
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    17-7 Announcement

    04/10/17 - Applied
    05/10/17 - Exam
    05/19/17 - Exam NOR
    05/31/17 - Selection Letter - Jackman, Maine
    06/01/17 - eQIP packet submitted
    07/05/17 - Medical Exam
    07/05/17 - eQIP rejected - resubmitted same day
    07/26/17 - PFT 1
    08/02/17 - eQIP released to OPR
    08/25/17 - SI
    08/26/17 - SI NOR
    11/29/17 - Polygraph
    12/06/17 - Polygraph NOR - Pre-Field Investigation eQIP recertification - recertified and released to OPR.
    12/21/17 - BI Interview
    02/28/18 - Background Cleared


    • moquito26
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      Thinking about it. I’m with DOD right now and it’s not horrible. Gonna switch over to the prison in a few years if we don’t have gl pay, ssr or 6c retirement by then. 4/3 8’s is too good of a schedule to give up

    • dox1842
      dox1842 commented
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      Apparently the polygraph is a huge deal with CBP. The failure rate is around %60 and they are thinking of waiving it because it is preventing them from getting staff. On a side note - the local police department in my county has an %80 failure rate for its polygraph and its causing them staff shortages as well. I wonder why polygraphs are still used to screen for employment....

    • Fullblown
      Fullblown commented
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      I too, do not agree with the polygraph as a tool for the background investigation process. There are a lot of best-qualified applicants who fail the polygraph. I believe NYPD does not utilize the polygraph as part of their background investigation process. How credible are your sources of CBP waiving the polygraph? If true, it probably may not be anytime soon.

    • FTO Sammich
      FTO Sammich commented
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      The only waiver for CBP right now is for LE that have taken and passed a poly and Military that hold a top secret clearance. Maybe something else I can’t remember at the moment. That’s if they want to approve the waiver.

  • Any word on what is going on with the Yazoo or any other facility?


    • Dyno93
      Dyno93 commented
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      Wondering the same thing,I’d like to get on somewhere before the end of summer.

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