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International Criminal hired as CO in Nebraska


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  • International Criminal hired as CO in Nebraska

    Interpol arrests US prison guard

    A CZECH man wanted on an Interpol warrant in his homeland has been discovered working in the United States – as a guard at a maximum security prison.
    Michal Preclik had worked at the prison in Nebraska for a year and his arrest came just two months after officials at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution promoted the 32-year-old to corporal. Prison officials learned last month that he was wanted on suspicion of drug and fraud crimes.

    Interpol, which fosters police co-operation across the borders of 188 countries, didn't release any information about the accusations against Preclik.

    "I was shocked," said Patrick Barker, an officer at the US prison. "Here we have a guy facing drug and fraud charges and we're dealing with contraband issues at the prison."

    Preclik ended up in Nebraska in 2002 when he got a job at a pig farm through a company that recruited eastern Europeans as labourers in violation of their US tourist visas.

    Preclik later testified against Milan Matousek, who was convicted of transporting and harbouring illegal immigrants. Preclik was granted US residency in return for his help in the prosecution, said his wife, Kari Preclik, an American he married in 2005.

    "This is just unbelievable that the state of Nebraska is hiring international criminals," said state Senator Heath Mello. "Who's minding the store?"
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    And I suppose that Matousek will move for a new trial on the ground that the prosecution withheld the evidence that its key witness was a wanted criminal.
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      (1) Interpol does not have arrest authority either from the State of Nebraska, nor the US Government and (2) Tecumseh is a state prison, not a U.S. prison.

      That said, I get the point of the article - hiring standards are a joke. Corrections is now where street police were 50 years ago in that area. "Who's minding the store?" - No one.
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        When I worked for NDCS:

        They didn't even print you for NCIC until you started the academy, and I read that this warrant came up later and US officials, and likely Nebraska State Patrol arrested him.

        The hiring standards were incredibly low though:
        No PT Test
        Basic Reading/Writing Test
        Minimal BG check

        It was really a joke to get on.
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          This is nothing new. Back when I work for the NDCS in 199something there was a guy who went to work at NCFY (Youth Prison in Omaha) who had Felony warrant. It wasn't until he worked there 6 or 8 months that the warrant was found. When I first stated there I tested with over 70 people for three spots. After I was there a while it seemed as if they started hiring anyone.
          Some people were just dropped on their heads as children more than the rest of us!


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            state corrections has a bad rap in most states for hiring shady individuals. with the low pay, they don't expect too much. i didn't have a PT test or written test. Just an interview, drug test, and back ground check. but they don't run ncic's until academy here in KY either i don't believe. there was an incident of us hiring a person who had served 10 years in another state.


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              Wow...and to think I actually marvel at some of the dump trucks that the BOP hires. I suppose I should count my blessings.
              If you are my supervisor and reading this...I'm calling off sick tomorrow.

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