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FCI Danbury, CT


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  • FCI Danbury, CT

    "Judicial District: Connecticut

    Actively Hiring: This location is in urgent need of correctional officers (series number GS-0007) to fill vacancies. Select USAJobs to search for vacancies (series number GS-0007)

    Is there anyone on here that works or knows someone that works at this location? Why are they so urgently in need of correction officers? I just want know if there is anything negative going on that is causing them to be short officers? Please advise, thanks!

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    can't say much on why there is a shortage (that said there are always shortages working in female correctional facilities).

    But I will say that the members of their Emergency Response team are 100% and I would love to work with them any day of the week.


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      We're always hiring. "Deperately" is probably not the best choice of words. Most institutions, however, are currently below 100% staffing levels...which is common for State joints as well. It's a tough job, and certainly not for there's high turnover.

      My opinion....but you couldn't pay me to work at a female joint. We have a female work camp on my complex, and the women whine constantly.
      If you are my supervisor and reading this...I'm calling off sick tomorrow.

      All posts made under this username are solely the opinion of the author (ME) and do not represent the opinion of my employer or any Federal, State, or local government agency and/or municipality. So get a grip and put on your big girl panties...'cuz if you suck at your job, I will probably tell you so.


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        The BOP is a great agency to join if you just want to get in while you wait to join a good federal agency like ICE, CBP, BP and the USMS. but it's not a 30 year gig. It might sound funny to you, but if you want a higher salary, go in as a cook, plumber or a rec specialist. What is anrwc specialist you ask? You hive out guitars and basketballs to inmates and you get paid as a gl-9.
        Or you could be a c.o and b a lowly gl-5. Oh and you carry no personal safety equipment. So if a fight breaks out you hit your radio alarm and wait for staff to arrive and cross your fingers that the visual strength in numbers stop the inmates from kicking your rear. Awsome agency!


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