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Advice for Dententions/Corrections Officers!!


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  • Advice for Dententions/Corrections Officers!!

    I will be leaving Detentions and moving on to a Patrol Position at a different department than the one I am working at right now. I just wanted to say a few things that really need to be worked on in the Detentions/Corrections part of Law Enforcment. Mainly one thing really!!!

    There is a big problem in this profession. The word "Trustee", this is a trap fellow officers. I have no idea how many times I have seen this scenario.

    "Why is that Trustee not being patted down, in full restraints, etc. etc. (Whatever the case may be.)

    Officers Reply;

    Well he's a trustee he only has a little bit of time left. He's not going to risk his freedom by doing something stupid. He's about to get out of jail/prison.


    Please remember one thing that I would like to explain to everyone. Because I have seen too many officers/innocent civilians get hurt because of this.

    If an individual will risk the freedom that they already have to committ a crime and get locked up. There is a big chance that inmate will risk the freedom he doesn't have already, and do the same.

    Keep your head on a swivel. Don't "TRUST" a Trustee. Never let your Guard Down.


    You do this by Honoring The Threat!! If they do not wear the same uniform that you are wearing (and in some cases even if they do) they are a threat!!!

    God Bless Everyone and Stay Safe!!!!

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    True that !!


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      We don't have those where I work. We have porters, but they are subject to the same treatment as everyone else in my eyes.
      Those who believe, ye shall receive.


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        Westchester County Department OF Corrections New York

        10-4 to that. We have " Trustees" in my department but I haven't come to understand why the title name "Trustee". Inmates with jobs have access to areas that inmates without jobs don't. It would be unwise not to supervise the "Trustees" when they're working and pat them down when the detail is over. "Trustees" are the ones who pass contraband around the facility. Last week I was working in the kitchen as the wagon officer and had four "kitchen trustees" to supervise. Their jobs is to deliver the food trys on wagons to blocks( no, my department no longer has a mess hall, thank god) After their jobs where over I had to escort them back to their housing location. B4 I escort them back I pat them down than make them walk thru a metal detector. So I patted the inmates down and found onion wrapped in plastic paper hidden in the inmates waist. My department doesn't allow the kitchen "Trustees" to take food to the blocks. Some might say its only onions but what else has he tried to bring to the block, next time could be a sharp object. CYA and your partners
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          I don't use that word. I use "Inmate Worker"... When an Inmate Workers says: "Aww c'mon Dep, I'm a Trustee!" I say: "WTF does that have to do with anything?" and treat them exactly the same as any other inmate.
          The views expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.


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