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The Real Request for Services


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  • The Real Request for Services

    This is a real Request submitted by an inmate addressed to Classification:

    g.E.D AM I Still PeNDiNg g.E.D Because IF I ANT Then I WoulD LiKe TO CALSe I NeeD MY EDJACATiON

    How true, how true ...

    What are some of your favorite?

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    To: Social worker...

    Subject: I need a phone call.....

    really thats all it said, no explanation, no please, no nothing....kinda funny...let me give you a quarter so you can call someone who cares....oh wait pay phones are now 50 cents....


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      I had an inmate tell me he was writing to the facility commander. He said he was writing about how I brought in dope and cigarettes every time I came on shift. (BS of course) He then commenced to write the letter in front of me. I calmly watched and gave no reaction. When he finished the letter and addressed it he asked me to put it in the request box for him. (The box sits on the duty desk, closer to him than me at this point.) I told him "no problem" and dropped it in.

      After I dropped it in he flipped out. "Why'd you do that dep?" "I didn't mean it!"

      "Far be it for me to hold back your letter." I told him. "When the Major gets that I'm sure she'll have some questions for you.

      A few days later the inmate was quietly placed in isolation. I never heard a word about it from anyone.


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