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  • Good info for CO's

    If you guys have time check this video out for training purposes. It gives you alot of detailed info on how things run in the prison system regarding the higher profile inmates.

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    If you listen to his vocabulary he almost sounds like a college professor lecturing. Definitely doesn't fit the stereotype of a gang member. Are there lots of gang members that are at his level or is he an exception. At my mid sized county jail in teh mid west we don't see people like that. Out gang members can't even spell INMATE and it's printed on their clothing.
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      Most higher profile gang leaders/associates/members are really quiet,courteous,programers,well spoken and extremely smart. Most other inmates with low iq's are just used to mule & or sell drugs and as soldiers to do the dirty work in prison or on the street.

      Most of the validated higher profile inmate go straight to Ad Seg or the SHU unit when they arrive to prison BUT you always have a few that roll under the radar and make it to the main line. It is easy to point out who they are cause they are like gods to the other inmates VERY catered to by their race and avoided by the other races.

      We have had some come by and keep the yard quiet cause they don't want any attention to themselves and we have had some come by that are straight dictators and extremely strict with all of their rules. We usually have tons of incidents when the dictator types show up cause they try to clean up their yards (clean up the yard meaning-get rid of all questionable/weak inmates belonging to their race) we usually have a lot of inmates wanting to go protective custody.
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        This is a typical profile of a Mexican Mafia member. Quiet, respectful, good vocabulary, intelligent and extremely dangerous. They are the ones that have proven themselves as a soldier and quite the studious type, very sophisticated. Don't let the tattoos and "cholo" look fool you. As you can see from the video there are very few Mexican Mafia members because they will only take the best of the best and have to be voted in by the other members. If one member objects then they will not make them a member. There are more associates and lots of soldiers. You can tell who the soldiers are because they will have the soldier tattoo on them.

        The soldier tattoo is 3 dots over 2 solid horizantal lines. If you pay attention to outgoing mail, look at how the letter is written. If it is written very neat, well spoken and good grammer then you can bet it is going to a "M" member or from an associate.

        If a gang member is loud, causes alot of problems or basically a "F**k Up" then they are probably just a gang member. Like the guy said the Mexican Mafia may have started as a gang in prison but they have evolved into much more likening themselves to the italian mafias on the east coast. With the southern california street gang members acting as the mafias own personal army.

        Don't get me wrong I don't admire these guys because as respectful as they may talk to you as a law enforcement officer they will stick a knife in your back just as quick. Just be safe out there and be cautious.


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