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    MY First POST

    I was just wondering what time your 2-10 shifts eats everyday. We eat between the hours of 1500&1700. We've got to eat then so we can get the inmates fed in time for yard/blockout to begin prompty by 1830. Nothing can delay inmate rec time.

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    What SCI you work at?


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      1500 to 1700 as well. Got to be back in time to sign those ramadon passes.


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        Yea, I know, I am not in PA-----BUT------------

        At my institution the 2-10 or 3-11 shift (we have both) eat at the same time the inmates do-----1500-1730-----------with a few eating DURING the 5:30 count so we can reopen the yard (during summer/early fall) at 1800.
        During the winter--------its time to double up the cellhouse and do escorts when the yard is closed.
        Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

        My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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          Originally posted by Joe159 View Post
          What SCI you work at?


          I've been wondering if every intitution eats at that time. Contract says between the 3rd and 5th hour. All we ever hear from management is "past practice" and well see what can be done.


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            i remember the first time I was working a certain post on 2-10 and at approximatly 1500 someone came up and said "im your chow relief". I was like.... are you serious. we only have a few posts that eat that early but I think its bull crap.

            ohh yeah.. and speaking of contract... what the hell is the hold up?
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              Originally posted by wokeupscreamin View Post
              ohh yeah.. and speaking of contract... what the hell is the hold up?
              Who knows?? We had a real brutal staff assault yesterday! A Sgt. was life flighted to Altoona-then to Pittsburgh. You'd think our unions web site would mention that. But no, just that AUG. 15th message.
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                ohh wow..im sorry to hear that. Were there any weapons involved? Is the sgt going to be alright?


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                  Sci Smithfield?


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                    Yeah, it was Smithfield.
                    Haven't heard exactly how he's doing yet. News reports have him in stable condition. No weapons involved. I took 6-8 seconds from the first punch till the crook was in hadcuffs. The Sgt. was knocked out with the first blow. The inmate then got on him and just continued hitting him, and banging his head off the concrete. Unfortunately this is becoming common place there. Throw this in with the blood on blood wars, and a useless weak administration, and Smithfield is a ral bad place to be these days. We're a level 4 prison with a level 2 mentalitly.

                    Crook who did this assualt did one in Houtzdale in 2000, and one in late 2007 at Camp Hill. Smithfield administration doesn't care, they released him to population in April. Damn PRC!!


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                      Where did they ship him out too?


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                        Originally posted by JR45 View Post
                        Where did they ship him out too?
                        Because of our close proximity to Huntingdon (about 2 city blocks away) they came and got him about an hour after the incident. He was then transfered up to Rockview the next day.

                        Want to read something good? Check this out

                        September 12, 2008

                        Dear H 1 Brothers and Sisters,

                        I am writing this letter to all of you, expressing
                        my outrage at the senseless and brutal beating of Sgt. Russ
                        Deeters. I also want you to know our plan to hold accountable,
                        those responsible.

                        I have received documentation on the inmate involved
                        and a synopsis of the attack from Business Agent, Mark Watson. I
                        have asked Mark to provide me with the names of the PRC who "struck
                        the deal" with the inmate along with the names of the Superintendent
                        and Deputy at the time.

                        I would ask that each of you that witnessed the
                        attack, please send me a statement as soon as possible. Please be
                        aware that you may be called to testify at any hearings that may be
                        held on this attack.

                        I have scheduled a meeting on Tuesday with our
                        Lobbyist, Public Relations and Lawyers. Our intentions are to put an
                        informational package together and send it to all Legislators,
                        including the Governor. We will ask for hearings on the inept
                        leadership of the DOC and ask for their removal. Our Institutions are
                        dangerously overcrowded, understaffed and obviously being run by
                        people willing to make a deal with the devil, regardless of the

                        We are also going to the media with this, so the public is aware of
                        what is going on inside the Institutions. We will also be looking
                        into both criminal and civil action, against the inmate, PRC,
                        Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent and Central Office.

                        We are doing everything we can to insure the needs of
                        the Deeters family are being taken care of while in Pittsburgh. In
                        fact, upon completion of this letter, VP Percy Poindexter, BA Shawn
                        Hood and myself are going to meet with Ms. Deeters at the hospital.

                        I know that each and everyone of you are upset and
                        enraged at this brutal, savage and senseless attack on our brother
                        officer and I feel your anger. This is something that shouldn't have
                        happened and those responsible must be held accountable.

                        I ask each of you to turn your anger to prayers for
                        Russ, his family and for his recovery.

                        Sincerely and fraternally,

                        Don McNany


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