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    Hey everyone,

    Been a big time troller (reader) and just finally got activated to post on the forums yesterday or the day before. I've been offered a position and will be sworn in as a CO in my county this coming week. I'm completely enthused, and of course, a little hesitant about the big change.

    As a newbie, what kind of advice would you all like to offer from your year(s) of experience? I'm 25, my wife totally supports me (which I know is a huge plus in these kind of careers), and I eventually would like to move out into a sworn patrol position with the Sheriff or another local PD (in due time).

    Just to give you a little bit of reference as to the size of the facility, I think the main jail houses a little over 1100 inmates.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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      I will give you a short answer for now that works for whatever size institution be it in the city/county/state/federal system

      Listen to the more experienced staff that you will encounter.

      There is a reason you were issued 2 eyes and two ears along with one mouth.
      If you look around you and listen twice as much as you talk, you will learn how the job is done by those who have done it for a while.

      During the training phase of your career you will see the same job done by several different staff. Pick the style that works for YOU and then maybe add your own personal touches to your routine. But that comes after a long time of watching and listening.
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        Listen to ur FTP give respect and you will gain resspect and don't try to act like robo cop
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          I can give you this advice. Listen to those who know more. If you mess up, learn from it. If you have a question ask. Don't be afraid of a departmental operations manual. This is the biggie, never take a personal issue with an inmate. He has nothing but time to decide when and where to even things up with you.
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            First you will find the Search button, this has been covered before with good advice from us.


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              Originally posted by Stewie View Post
              First you will find the Search button, this has been covered before with good advice from us.
              Too true. I figured it would have been a sticky; sorry about that. I was excited .


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