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    A fellow CO brought up an interesting subject the other day. He said that he has heard of CO's that will go to other facilities posed as inmates to gather info about inmates/officers. Sort of an 'undercover inmate' kind of thing. I think it would be too risky an undertaking for any jail/prison to agree to anything like that. I think it would be an interesting experiment. It would be interesting to know exactly what goes on behind the cell doors. This other officer also said one of the main goals is seeing weaknesses in the operations of the jail/prison. Does such a program exist anywhere? Or is it one of those black ops that should never be spoken of?
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    I would ask your friend what he has been smoking.

    I think I remember a Robert Redford movie where he did something like that. Yep , looked it up.......Brubaker (1980).

    If it ever happens in real life-----you would probably never know about it until the federal indictments came down charging someone in the facility with a major crime........and would have FBI undercover written all over it.

    It would be impossible for CO with any experience to even think about it due to the amount of inmates that are transfered interstate----and go to another state and reoffend. Imagine seeing Bubba, who you locked up in a prison in state A------as a trustee in a prison in state B where you are (or thought you were) undercover.................WOOPS.

    An interesting thought-----but a dangerous one
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      Don't be so quick to discredit this.........
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        I also wouldn't be in such a rush to discredit this...Not that I would be willing to live with these ****bags, but I have heard of things like this.


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          I dunno... Might be an urban legend. I'm more inclined to think, and know, that there's confidential informants in the system. Inmates who are informants for the state/fed are placed in areas in return for what I don't know, but you can believe there are snitch hotlines.

          Years ago when I started I heard whispers of such a thing, but it would seem in this day and age with the liability and such that I couldn't see 'em doing it. Not totally discounting it but what would they pay these people - comp time or OT? You know how much one would make on 3 shifts a day for just a week? And they couldn't use guys in the same state more than once or twice because AP officers at various insititutions might notice things and it's recorded on their computer.

          And further, inmates snitching on COs doesn't make it they're a confidential informant per say, it's just now par for the course of late.


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            A couple of things came to mind quickly when I read this.

            First off...Your friend watches waaaaaay too much "Law & Order" (IMHO).

            second... (and my first gut reaction) I am 100% with Iowa1603. I once witnessed, from the vantage of the central control cameras, two federal inmates beat the living dog**** out of another fed who had been put in the cell with them. It took mere seconds. We had four Officers on the pod at the time and they had been gone from that very cell door no more than 2 minutes. It came out that the "beatee" was in with one of the "beaters" about 6 months before and snitched on their plans to escape. Can you imagine what they would do to a CO who had been their adversary/captor somewhere along the line? Whew! Gives me the creeps to even think about that.

            In any event, the liability alone would keep most Administrators awake in cold sweats. Can't see them giving it the "OK."
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              Originally posted by Nickmerill View Post
              I dunno... Might be an urban legend.

              Years ago when I started I heard whispers of such a thing,

              Your own words state the obvious
              Urban Legend and Years ago I heard whispers..................

              I've been doing this 30+ yrs and I read newspapers like most people read the funny papers. I am a news junkie---------- I can't EVER remember hearing of a Correctional Officer going undercover in an institution to check out the corruption!

              Like I said before--------maybe the FBI or DEA might do an U/C job-------but there would be a specific target and there would be indictments, trials and exposure after the operation.

              Can you even think of trying to run the operation and give your U/C any type of protection from outside an institution!

              There MIGHT have been an operation someplace, sometime but you can bet your last two paychecks it was not a Correctional Officer going under cover.

              C/I----i.e. inmates snitching---happens every day.
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                I think we should ask mythbusters about this one LOL
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                  Seriously though, sending a CO or any LE into prison would be a nightmare. I cant imagine any case so crucial that this would happen. Maybe at gauntanamo or something, I dunno, but I am going with urban legend on this one too, only because I have heard this before.


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                    I have only ever heard rumors as well, and then only to gather information on cases not related to jail or prison. Only they were always undercover cops or federal agents, not C.O.s. As Iowa said, the chance of a C.O. being recognized are too great as inmates go from system to system.


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                      I have heard of there being inmates who were undercover but never being a C/O they were either from outside agencies or they were actual U/C being used in a place they fit in
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                        i thought that they would have plenty of informants. now, im only a COT.
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                          Who is they?


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                            I know personally of one instance. A captain of mine once went "undercover" into a county jail facility to gather intel on an inmate. At the time he was a member of our dept SSU "Special Services Unit". (spooks). But since he had court approved dreadlocks, he probably fit right in.
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                              Wow - I dont think it would happen do to the security risk maybe back in the day. If you want intel on security breaches at your institution all you have to do is pay attention.

                              You dont have to go undercover the inmates will tell you all you need to know you just have to be ready for the hints that they give on a daily basis.
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