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  • Hi...again.

    Hey everybody,
    I fell off the earth for a bit there... sorry bout that. LOL. I think when I left off I was in the Academy??? Well, since then I've FTO'd for a month and have been working on shift (nights 6-6) for almost 6 months now. Wow, time flies when you're having fun. Haha.
    I really like working in the jail so far. I LOVE my shift... it's a great mix of people and we all work really well together. We get rotated throughout the building nightly so you're always working with different officers and inmates. I'm feeling confident with the job and dealing with the inmates.. it was something I was worried about before I started and you all's advice was really helpful with that.. thank you again! I've found that the main rule I used with my students when I was teaching has really helped me in this field as well: fair, firm, consistent. So simple and yet so damn effective!! LOL.
    I look forward to posting more on this board so I can vent and bounce ideas off some veterans in the field who will have a completely un-biased opinion (kinda hard to find that on the shift..lol) and as always advice is always welcome and appreciated.

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    Yeah when you first start working the jails, you are just like you are at any new job, confused at what to do and the inmates know this immediately. Eventually though you spend enough time there and you'll do fine as long as you do whats needed.


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